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Subject: Formatted minutes of 2008-06-19 telcon

Thanks to Danny for scribing.

Title: SCA-BPEL - 2008-06-19




19 JUN 2008


Mike Edwards, (IBM)
Dieter Koenig, (IBM)
Simon Moser, (IBM)
Mike Rowley (Individual)
Martin Chapman (Oracle Corporation)
Khanderao Kand, (Oracle Corporation)
Anish Karmarkar, (Oracle Corporation)
Ashok Malhotra, (Oracle Corporation)
Najeeb Andrabi, (TIBCO Software Inc.)
Danny van der Rijn, (TIBCO Software Inc.)
Anish Karmarkar
Danny van der Rijn


[1]  Agenda Bashing
[2]  Approval of Minutes 29 May
[3]  AI Review
[4]  3 July Call
[5]  New Issues
[6]  Status of spec
[7]  Issue 18
[8]  List of Editors
Table of Resolutions
Table of Action Items

Action Items

2008-06-19-1: Editors to incorporate all issue resolutions by 10 july 2008



Scribe: Danny van der Rijn

Agenda Bashing

Additions - Will we have a 3 July Call?
Additions - Assembly Issue 52 -> BPEL Issue 17
Agenda approved with additions

Approval of Minutes 29 May

Resolution: Minutes of 29th may 2008 approved with no objections. http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bpel/200805/msg00030.html

AI Review

AI0021 still outstanding
AI0040 still in progress
AI 0041 - Mike Rowley has just sent out a proposal for the section 2.1 reworded in RFC 2119 language

3 July Call

<Mike Edwards>
Can we join you at the barbecue?
We'll send you something 'chunky'
Motion to cancel meeting by MR seconded DV
approved unanimously.
Resolution: july 3rd meeting canceled.

New Issues

Still none

Status of spec

CD01 has a later date than CD01-Rev3 because front page and footers have been updated to reflect a decision by liason committee.
Mike Rowley:
Then the version that I just sent out probably has the wrong title page
If an editor is incorporating resolved issues or an AI, then it's a RevN
Najeeb has sent work to various editors.
Editors have agreed to work assignments after a bit of horse trading
Editors have agreed to accept an Action Item to incorporate resolved issues by 10 July
Action: Editors to incorporate all issue resolutions by 10 july 2008

Issue 18

There is a proposal from Mike Rowley
danny: need to ensure that the language says that if it says it is a sca:service it is a service regardless of the static analysis (similarly for reference).
the partnerLink specifies sca:service and does not specify sca:refence or a static analysis of the process ..
<Michael Rowley>
If the partnerLink specifies sca:service or it does not specify sca:reference and a a static analysis of the process determines
<Mike Edwards>
There will be a statement like the following:
If sca:service is specified, it's a service
If sca:reference is specified, it's a reference
Otherwise, the following rules apply....
[all prettied up with 2119, of course]
ME: Haven't had a chance to read it
MR: This is what went out in April, except for 6 words that changed component generator to SCA Runtime
Everyone please read the revision and prepare comments for email and/or next meeting
MR: Rev5 will come out just after the call
I'll create Rev6 for people to look at

List of Editors

Alex Yiu has left the TC, hasn't made editorial contributions.
.. to the OASIS version
Move to remove Alex Yiu as an editor, and place him in the list of past and present TC members. MR second
Alex already on other list
Martin accepts Dieter's revision as a friendly amendment
Motion unanimously approved
Resolution: Alex's name to be removed from the editors' list
AI to MR to make that change in Rev5
Meeting Adjourned
The editing pen will be passed around?
Mike has it for Rev5, Anish has it for Rev6. Use the editors list to coordinate after that
Can we pick the next pen-holder after Rev6 now?
MR: Assume that it goes in email document order
Let's coordinate on editors list
Dieter was first
Not a good week. Can someone else go first?
Not going to happen here. Take Martin's suggestion to do it on the editors list

[End of Minutes]
Formatted on 2008-06-23 at 15:37:03 GMT-7

Minutes formatted by Schreiber, a collection of XSLT stylesheets by Bob Freund modeled after David Booth's scribe

Schreiber diagnostics output

[Delete this section before publishing the minutes]

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citation-detection-scribed: Line 94: Check for possible unrecognized nick 'If sca'

statistics: Schreiber found 80 input lines

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edits: Line 33: Danny: s/Minute/Minutes/

command-scribe: Line 2: Danny van der Rijn recognized

command-scribe: Schreiber detected that this section was scribed online

edit-substitute: command on line 33 succeeded, changed line 31 from 'Minute' to 'Minutes'

edit-delete: Line 33 was deleted

system: Transformer: SAXON

[End of Schreiber diagnostic output]

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