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Subject: Unformatted minutes of July 31 TC call

Unformatted minutes of July 31 TC call:
(See attached file: 2008-07-31.txt)

*** No SCA-BPEL TC call in August - next call on September 4 ***

Kind Regards
[17:03] anonymous morphed into anish

[17:07] Sanjay: Agenda:

[17:07] Sanjay: Agenda: 
1. Roll Call 

2. Appointment of scribe 
Scribe list attached below 

3. Agenda bashing 

4. Approval of July 24, 2008 minutes 

5. Action items review 

a) AI #0021 
Chairs - to follow up with Mary to post the CD docs to OASIS repository 
Done. Docs uploaded but SCA BPEL NS is not live yet. 

b) AI #0042 
Editors to incorporate all issue resolutions by 10 July 2008 

6.  Higher bar for new issues

7. Issue 18 http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BPEL-18 
TITLE- Need to rewrite the SCA-BPEL specifications with RFC-2119 
Email discussion:

8. AOB

[17:07] Dieter Koenig: Agenda bashing ...

[17:07] Dieter Koenig: No objections

[17:08] Dieter Koenig: Approval of July 24 minutes ...

[17:08] Dieter Koenig: No objections - minutes approved

[17:08] Dieter Koenig: Review of open action items ...

[17:10] Dieter Koenig: AI 0021 - Anish will send one more reminder to Mary w.r.t. the remaining pieces

[17:11] Dieter Koenig: AI 0042 - two more issue resolutions to be applied to the spec - Martin has the pen

[17:12] Dieter Koenig: Agenda item 6 - higher bar for new issues ...

[17:12] Dieter Koenig: Proposed for other SCA TCs as well

[17:12] Dieter Koenig: Proposed approach: first set a higher bar for opening new issues

[17:13] Dieter Koenig: TC to decide on a date and concrete approach for the higher bar

[17:14] Dieter Koenig: Anish: SCA-J TC decided to set the date to September 15

[17:15] Dieter Koenig: (August is not appropriate due to the vacation season)

[17:15] Dieter Koenig: Proposed approach: require 2/3 majority for opening new issues

[17:19] anish can everyone who is not speaking go on mute?

[17:20] Dieter Koenig: Dieter: motion to set the date to September 15 and require 2/3 majority for opening new issues - Mike R. seconds

[17:21] Dieter Koenig: this means 2/3 of voters present in the call

[17:22] Dieter Koenig: Martin: motion to change this to 2/3 of ALL voting members

[17:23] Dieter Koenig: Ashok seconds

[17:24] Dieter Koenig: (2/3 of ALL voting members would be consistent across SCA TCs)

[17:24] anish: should we then do web ballots for new issues?

[17:26] Dieter Koenig: Mike R: 2/3 of ALL voting members may not be reached with a unanimous vore of a quorate meeting

[17:26] Dieter Koenig: s/vore/vote

[17:27] Dieter Koenig: Voting on the amendment ...

[17:27] Mike Edwards: +1 for the motion

[17:27] Dieter Koenig: Y = 2/3 of ALL voting members

[17:28] Dieter Koenig: Voting result: 8 Y, 1 N - amendment accepted

[17:28] anish anyone else getting the clicking sound?

[17:28] anish or just me?

[17:29] Dave Booz we're all getting it

[17:29] Dieter Koenig: Motion is therefore: set the date to September 15 and require 2/3 majority of all voting members for opening new issues

[17:29] Dieter Koenig: Motion passed without objections

[17:29] Dieter Koenig: Agenda item 7: Issue 18 ...

[17:31] Mike Edwards: The "combination" process is the subject of an issue in the Assembly TC

[17:34] Dieter Koenig: Mike R: a conformance target "SCA runtime" would include design time

[17:35] Dieter Koenig: Martin: concentrate on the rules to be followed

[17:37] Dieter Koenig: Anish: the SCA component type is not an "output artifact"

[17:42] Dieter Koenig: Danny: we should use the "component type generator" conformance target

[17:42] Mike Edwards: The other C&Is are in poor shape - I will be raising an issue against the Java TC for the CAA spe

[17:45] Dieter Koenig: Sanjay: (1) there may be multiple component type side files (2) what should be the name of the conformance target? (3) how to test compliance?

[17:45] Dieter Koenig: Sanjay: how about "component type information" as a candidate target?

[17:48] Dieter Koenig: Anish: this would be too abstract as you cannot point to it

[17:50] Dieter Koenig: Mike E: the test would consider an SCA component definition and a BPEL process definition - this must work

[17:52] Dieter Koenig: Mike R: the component type and the introspected implementation must not be in conflict

[17:53] Mike Edwards: Again, Michael R's testcase is a straighforward testcase

[17:53] Mike Edwards: I just think it is the runtime that is tested here

[17:58] Dieter Koenig: Danny: both SCDL and BPEL may be valid by themselves, but the relationship is not

[17:58] Mike Edwards: The testcase is simple - it is a SCDL file + a BPEL script - it is either valid or it is not valid - and whichever runtime deals with the combination must get it right - process it or reject it with an error

[17:59] anish: i agree, the issues is if it is rejected, what is at fault?

[17:59] Mike Edwards: the runtime

[17:59] Mike Edwards: what else is there

[17:59] anish: k

[18:00] Dieter Koenig: Mike R: motion to use proposal in revision 5 section 2.1

[18:01] Dieter Koenig: No second - motion rejected

[18:01] anish: i think there are three cases: either the runtime is at fault, or the scdl is a fault or the CT side file is at fault

[18:02] Dieter Koenig: Please send new proposals to the mailing list ...

[18:02] Dieter Koenig: No call in August - next call September 4

[18:02] Dieter Koenig: Meeting adjourned

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