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Subject: NEW ISSUE: BPEL C&I spec needs to define how effective CT is synthesized

Title: BPEL C&I spec needs to define how effective CT is synthesized

Target: BPEL C&I spec

Assembly TC resolved issue 36 [1] with the following resolution:

Component type represents the configurable aspects of an implementation.
A component type consists of services that are offered, references to
other services that can be wired and properties that can be set. The
settable properties and the settable references to services are
configured by a component that uses the implementation.

An implementation type specification (for example, the WS-BPEL Client
and Implementation Specification Version 1.1 [ref]) specifies the
mechanism(s) by which the component type associated with an
implementation of that type is derived.

Since SCA allows a broad range of implementation technologies, it is
expected that some implementation technologies (for example, the Java
Client and Implementation Specification Version 1.1 [ref]) allow
for introspecting the implementation artifact(s) (for example, a Java
class) to derive the component type information. Other implementation
technologies might not allow for introspection of the implementation
artifact(s). In those cases where introspection is not allowed, SCA
encourages the use of a SCA component type side file. A component type
side file is an XML file whose document root element is

The implementation type specification defines
whether introspection is allowed, whether a side file is allowed, both are
allowed or some other mechanism specifies the CT.
The component type information derived through introspection is
called the 'introspected component type'. In any case, the implementation
type specification specifies how multiple sources of information
are combined to produce the 'effective component type'. The effective
component type is the component type metadata that is
presented to the using Component for configuration.

The extension of a componentType side file name MUST be
.componentType. The name and location of a componentType side file, if
allowed, is defined by the implementation type specification.

If a component type side file is not allowed for a particular
implementation type, the effective component type and introspected
component type are one and the same for that implementation type.

For the rest of this document, when the term 'component type' is used it 
refers to the 'effective component type'.

This puts requirements on C&I wrt defining whether side files are 
allowed, how they interact with introspected CT and how effective CT is 
synthesized. We need to define these things in the C&I.


None at this point.

[1] http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/ASSEMBLY-36

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