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Subject: Re: [sca-bpel] ISSUE 24: BPEL C&I spec needs to define how effectiveCT is synthesized


Anish Karmarkar wrote:
> Title: BPEL C&I spec needs to define how effective CT is synthesized
> Target: BPEL C&I spec
> Description:
> Assembly TC resolved issue 36 [1] with the following resolution:
> -----
> Component type represents the configurable aspects of an implementation.
> A component type consists of services that are offered, references to
> other services that can be wired and properties that can be set. The
> settable properties and the settable references to services are
> configured by a component that uses the implementation.
> An implementation type specification (for example, the WS-BPEL Client
> and Implementation Specification Version 1.1 [ref]) specifies the
> mechanism(s) by which the component type associated with an
> implementation of that type is derived.
> Since SCA allows a broad range of implementation technologies, it is
> expected that some implementation technologies (for example, the Java
> Client and Implementation Specification Version 1.1 [ref]) allow
> for introspecting the implementation artifact(s) (for example, a Java
> class) to derive the component type information. Other implementation
> technologies might not allow for introspection of the implementation
> artifact(s). In those cases where introspection is not allowed, SCA
> encourages the use of a SCA component type side file. A component type
> side file is an XML file whose document root element is
> sca:componentType.
> The implementation type specification defines
> whether introspection is allowed, whether a side file is allowed, both 
> are
> allowed or some other mechanism specifies the CT.
> The component type information derived through introspection is
> called the 'introspected component type'. In any case, the implementation
> type specification specifies how multiple sources of information
> are combined to produce the 'effective component type'. The effective
> component type is the component type metadata that is
> presented to the using Component for configuration.
> The extension of a componentType side file name MUST be
> .componentType. The name and location of a componentType side file, if
> allowed, is defined by the implementation type specification.
> If a component type side file is not allowed for a particular
> implementation type, the effective component type and introspected
> component type are one and the same for that implementation type.
> For the rest of this document, when the term 'component type' is used 
> it refers to the 'effective component type'.
> -----
> This puts requirements on C&I wrt defining whether side files are 
> allowed, how they interact with introspected CT and how effective CT 
> is synthesized. We need to define these things in the C&I.
> Proposal:
> None at this point.
> [1] http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/ASSEMBLY-36
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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