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Subject: NEW ISSUE: sca-bpel:ignore attribute value is relevant only whenit is "true" (and not "1")

Title: sca-bpel:ignore attribute value is relevant only when it is 
"true" (and not "1")

Specification: SCA BPEL C&I


[Note: this issue was discussed briefly in the context of a different 
issue and we decided to leave it as is. I now feel strongly enough to 
file a separate issue]

All the normative statements with the sca-bpel:ignore attribute as the 
target (SPEL2005, SBPEL2007, SBPEL2025, SBPEL3020) are conditional to 
its literal value being "true" or not "true". The type of the attribute 
is xs:boolean, which means that the value space is {0, 1, false, true}.

With the current formulation of the normative statements, the only value 
that matters is "true". One cannot use "1" and have that partnerLink be 
ignored by the introspection algorithm. The introspection algorithm 
currently has to treat a partnerLink with sca-bpel:ignore="1" no 
different than a partnerLink with sca-bpel:ignore="false". This is 
counter-intuitive and IMHO wrong.

I would like to suggest resolving it in one of two ways (I prefer the 
second approach):
1) restrict the value space to just {true, false} -- just a schema change
2) keep the value space as is, but refer to the canonical value of true 
in our normative statements.


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