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sca-j-editors message

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Subject: Providing SCA-J editors with the right permission in JIRA

I updated the JIRA group (OASIS Java Developers) that has permission to 
update the OASIS Java issues to include changes to the chairs, editors, 
and membership.

Mark: as an editor you should be in this group. But I don't think you 
have a JIRA account. Can you either send me your JIRA user id if you 
have one OR the user id you would prefer? I can create an account for 
you in JIRA, if needed, and include you in the right JIRA group.

MikeE: you have two user IDs. Did not know which one you wanted 
included. Can you let me know which one you use? OR since you are one of 
the admins, add yourself to the OASIS Java developer group.



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