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Subject: Incorrect example in Java Component Implementation Spec - Sec 1.2.4

Java Component Implementation Specification v1.00 - Sec 1.2.4 - Lines 296
to 302:
296 /** Additional property set through a method */
297 public class Impl4 {
298 public String someProperty;
299 public SomeService someReference;
300 public Impl2(String a, SomeService b) {...}
301 @Property public void setAnotherProperty(int x) {...}
302 }

In this example, the presence of @Property annotation on
setAnotherProperty() results in someProperty and someReference not make
into the componentType as property and reference respectively.  Only after
removing the @Property annotation, the implementation becomes unannotated
and someProperty & anotherProperty will be computed as properties;
someReference will be computed as a reference as per section 1.2.7.

PROPOSAL: Remove @Property from line 301 so that the line reads "public
void setAnotherProperty(int x) {...}"


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