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Subject: [sca-j] Minutes : 19-01-2009 (raw)

Mark Combellack: - Roll Call
- Appointment of scribe. List attached below
- Agenda bashing
- Approval of minutes from January 16th

Issue Status:
Open: 39

1. Review action items:

Action Items that I believe are done:
2008-10-06-1:Editors to fix all the other remaining ed issues for WD04 pointed out by Mark, SimonN and Vamsi
2008-11-11-13:Dave to work on proposal for JAVA-60
2009-01-12-02:Editors (Anish) to include proper wordings for issue 99 in the spec inline with the resolution
2009-01-12-03:Editors (Anish) to include proper wordings for issue 52 in the spec inline with the resolution
2009-01-16-01:Mike, Anish and Editors to work on CD02

Action Items that I believe are still to be done:
2008-07-15-2:Vladimir to produce a proposal for JAVA-2
2008-10-20-1:Simon to write new proposal with textual changes for JAVA-76
2008-11-11-3:Simon to provide proposal for JAVA-6
2008-11-11-5:MikeE and Dave to write up a proposal to JAVA-1 covering the options decided at the Nov F2F
2008-11-11-7:Mark to propose a delta to Simon's action (2008-11-11-6) on JAVA-25 to add support for message correlation on call backs
2008-11-11-8:SimonN to write spec change proposal to resolve JAVA-19 as directed at the Nov F2F
2008-11-11-12:Mark to write proposal for JAVA-46 drawing inspiration from the chat log of day 2 of the November F2F
2008-11-11-21:Mark, Jim and Mike to describe their use cases for JAVA-30
2008-11-11-22:Mark to draw up some wording for Direction 1 (as discussed at the November F2F) for JAVA-62
2008-11-11-23:Mark (and others prepared to help) to investigate the WorkManager JEE spec and determine its applicability to SCA for JAVA-62
2008-11-11-27:SimonN to raise issue on brain-damaged definition of @Service annotation (see comments in Nov F2F raw chat log)
2008-11-11-33:Simon to write up proposal for JAVA-67 (not in previous minutes but Simon is sure he has this action item)
2009-01-05-03:Simon to illustrate his proposal for Java-95 with use cases from action item 2009-01-05-02
2009-01-05-03:Jim to illustrate his proposal for Java-95 with use cases from action item 2009-01-05-02
2009-01-09-01:Vamsi to produce proposal for JAVA-117

2. Java CAA Specification - Candidate CD02
Everyone to review with the intention of publishing as soon as possible.

3. Blocking issues

a. JAVA-25: Callback Simplification
Updated Proposal:

4. New Issues

a. JAVA-120: Inconsistent package name in JavaCAA specification
Proposal in Jira

b. JAVA-121: Compilable artifacts for Java annotations and APIs
Proposal in Jira

5. Critical Issue discussion

a. JAVA-60: Sharing Java artifacts across contributions

b. JAVA-1: Accessing SCA Services from non-SCA component code

c. JAVA-54: Section 7.1 of the Java CAA Specification is unclear
No proposal

d. JAVA-27: Security Annotations in generated Component Type
No proposal

e. JAVA-6: @AllowsPassByReference requires more detailed description
Blocked by ASSEMBLY-97

6. Other Open Issues discussion

a. JAVA-30: "Process" Scope

b. JAVA-65: There is no lifecycle defined for SCA Components

c. JAVA-102: Need to have a Name parameter on the @Service annotation

d. JAVA-62: Clarify what a Component Implementation can do with threads

e. JAVA-77: A remotable service SHOULD be translatable into a generally accepted standard for a service, such as WSDL 1.1 or WSDL 2.0

7. Deferred blocking issues

a. JAVA-95: Simplified stateful implementation mechanism to replace conversations (Waiting for resolution of ASSEMBLY-94)
Comments from Jim:

8. AOB

Rotating scribe list:

Peter Walker Sun Microsystems (1)
Roberto Chinnici Sun Microsystems (2)
Peter Peshev SAP AG (2)
Ron Barack SAP AG (3)
Michael Beisiegel IBM (3)
Sanjay Patil SAP AG (3)
Vladimir Savchenko SAP AG (1)
Jim Marino Individual (4)
Pradeep Simha TIBCO Software Inc. (5)
Mike Edwards IBM (5)
Yang Lei (2)
Plamen Pavlov SAP AG (1)
Bryan Aupperle IBM (5)
Martin Chapman Oracle Corporation (5)
Ashok Malhotra Oracle Corporation (5)
Simon Nash Individual (3)
Meeraj Kunnumpurath Individual (2)
Anish Karmarkar Oracle Corporation (7)
Vamsavardhana Chillakuru IBM (3)

Mark Combellack: sorry i've just knocked my phone and hung up
Mark Combellack: brb
Yang Lei: Scribe: Yang
Yang Lei: Agenda Bashing.
Yang Lei: No comments.
Yang Lei: Topic: Approval of minites
Yang Lei: No objection on accepting. Minutes approved
Yang Lei: Topic: Review action items
Yang Lei: Topic: CD02. Review and feedback.
Yang Lei: Simon's comments in email: related to ISSUE-101. Think the change overwrite issue 75.
Mark Combellack: Link to first email http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-j/200901/msg00061.html
Mark Combellack: link to second email http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-j/200901/msg00062.html
Yang Lei: 1) line 205 of the PDF version of cd01-rev4.
anonymous morphed into Pradeep
Yang Lei: 2)typo in the same paragraph on line 207 JAXB , should be JAX-B.
Yang Lei: Action Item: Mike have a look of Simon's comments regarding CD02
Yang Lei: Topic: Blocking issue
Yang Lei: JAVA-25. Simon has the proposal: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-j/200901/msg00050.html
Yang Lei: Start Line 406
Yang Lei: Jim, comments on line 413, it is the client of the callback or not.
Yang Lei: Simon clarifies it is the client side
Yang Lei: Jim comments that composite scope is not stateless
Yang Lei: Simon explained that even with Composite scope, even with the same instance, the state may not be guaranteed.
Yang Lei: Dave, suggests narrow stateless to the instance management v.s. stage management
Yang Lei: Dave, from app developer's perspective, stateless means a new instance, even though container may do pulling. from that perspective. Composite scope is not stateless.
Yang Lei: pulling==polling
Yang Lei: Jim and Dave, suggests split the statelss and composite scope. Simon agrees that will make the wording simple.
Yang Lei: Mike, suggests talking about the scope in 3 different sentences on how the instances are managed. From user perspective, stateless callback is the same behavior, except the scope determines the instances..
Yang Lei: Simon will work on 6.7.1 and 6.7.2 together if no others objects
Yang Lei: Topics: new issues
Yang Lei: JAVA-120: http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/JAVA-120
Mike Edwards: Is this an issue or just editorial mistakes
Mike Edwards: ?
Mike Edwards: if editorial just give the editors an action item to fix
Yang Lei: Mike, thinks it is typo. need action item to clear it.
Yang Lei: Mark thinks it is valid issue.
Yang Lei: Simon, raise motion to open issue-120
Yang Lei: Vamsi second.
Yang Lei: motion passed unanimously . JAVA-120 is opened.
Yang Lei: Discuss the proposal: "PROPOSAL: The JDK places standard annotations in the java.lang.annotation package. For consistency with this, it seems preferable for SCA to use the package org.oasisopen.sca.annotation."
Yang Lei: Next issue JAVA-121
Mike Edwards: Versions of these have been created and published by the Apache Tuscany project
Mike Edwards: and I suspect also by other projects
Yang Lei: Mike accept the motion, Simon second
Yang Lei: Motion passed unanimously . JAVA-121 is opened.
Yang Lei: Topic: Critical Issue discussion
Yang Lei: JAVA-60.
Mike Edwards: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-j/200901/msg00059.html
Yang Lei: Bryan, the full schema needs to come from schema doc.
Yang Lei: Jim, should reference osgi in similar way as we reference jax-b. e.g. classLoader architectures...
Yang Lei: Simon, location in the proposal, hope whatever it means, should not fail deployment if the location is not there, should be a hint..
Yang Lei: Mike, what behavior is if the location is not there...
Yang Lei: Dave, location is from assembly, uri to the contribution in the domain.
Yang Lei: Dave, if uri is not valid, it is an error
Yang Lei: Simon, the clarification is better.
Yang Lei: Dave, the location can be used to resolve the same package and version in the domain, similar as osgi..
Yang Lei: Jim, if the location is the contribution, then the classloader is the contribution's classloader..
Yang Lei: Plamen, if the classes of the same packages splits in different contributions...
Yang Lei: Mike, it is not supported in OSGI..
Yang Lei: Pradeep, "Each Java package that is exported from the contribution is included in one and only one export.java element."
Yang Lei: Jim, usage packages.
Yang Lei: Jim, support manifest file
Yang Lei: Mike disagrees
Yang Lei: manifest leads to osgi bundle as contribution. this section is not about osgi as contribution..
Yang Lei: Dave, Mike, OSGI extension of the java spec will be good topic.
Yang Lei: Bryan, JEE and Spring will have different import.java/export.java section.


Yang Lei

WebSphere SCA Feature Pack Development -- SCA Architect
Phone: (919) 543 8887 T/L 441-8887
e-mail: yanglei@us.ibm.com

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