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Subject: [JAVA-1] Updated code proposal



I have updated the code for JAVA-1 based on our recent discussions to include the following requested changes:


  • Renamed the SCAClientFactory.createInstance() method to SCAClientFactory.newInstance()
  • Added SCAClientFactory.newInstance(Properties) method
  • Added SCAClientFactory.newInstance(ClassLoader) method
  • Added SCAClientFactory.newInstance(Properties, ClassLoader) method
  • Added defaultFactory static field to SCAClientFactory so that Vendors may inject a default implementation.
  • Updated the SCAClientFactoryFinder to make use of the specified ClassLoader and Property objects if they are specified.


This will also complete my action item 2009-02-19-01


Code Overview


SCA Client Perspective


The scenario is fairly simple – some code that is running outside of the SCA Domain wants to lookup and use a Service that is inside the domain.


The following code shows how the HelloService could be looked up and invoked from unmanaged SCA Code.


        final String serviceURI = "SomeHelloServiceURI";

        final URI domainURI = new URI("SomeDomainURI");


        final SCAClient scaClient = SCAClientFactory.newInstance();

        final HelloService helloService = scaClient.getService(HelloService.class, serviceURI, domainURI);

        final String reply = helloService.sayHello("Mark");


The client first calls SCAClientFactory.newInstance() that returns an instance of SCAClient. This SCAClient instance can then be used to look up the HelloService



SCAClient Interface


The definition of SCAClient interface would be:


public interface SCAClient {


    <T> T getService(Class<T> interfaze, String serviceURI, URI domainURI)

        throws NoSuchServiceException, NoSuchDomainException;   




SCAClientFactory class


The SCAClientFactory abstract class is responsible for providing the indirection from the user’s generic SCA code and the vendor’s implementation of the SCA Runtime. The user’s code will ask it for a SCAClient via the newInstance() method.


The SCAClientFactory class provides this indirection to the vendor’s implementation by:


  • if a defaultFactory has been injected then use it.
  • If no defaultFactory has been injected then delegate to the SCAClientFactoryFinder


The code for the SCAClientFactory is now quite short and consists of (I’ve trimmed the JavaDoc to make it easer to read in this email)


public abstract class SCAClientFactory {


    private static SCAClientFactory defaultFactory;


    public static SCAClient newInstance() {

        return newInstance(null, null);



    public static SCAClient newInstance(Properties properties) {

        return newInstance(properties, null);



    public static SCAClient newInstance(ClassLoader classLoader) {

        return newInstance(null, classLoader);



    public static SCAClient newInstance(Properties properties, ClassLoader classLoader) {

        final SCAClientFactory factory;

        if(defaultFactory == null) {

            factory = SCAClientFactoryFinder.find(properties, classLoader);

        } else {

            factory = defaultFactory;


        return factory.createSCAClient();



    protected abstract SCAClient createSCAClient();




SCAClientFactoryFinder class


SCA will provide a reference implementation of the SCAClientFactory class. It will discover the Vendors SCAClientFactory implementation by referring to the following information:


  • The org.oasisopen.sca.SCAClientFactory property from the Properties specified on the newInstance() method call if specified
  • The org.oasisopen.sca.SCAClientFactory property from the System Properties
  • The META-INF/services/org.oasisopen.sca.SCAClientFactory file


Since this is a reference implementation Vendors are free to replace the SCAClientFactoryFinder class with an alternative implementation that meets the lookup mechanisms require for their SCA Runtime.



What does the Vendor need to do?


Implement their SCAClientFactory and SCAClient implementation classes


Vendors need to provide an implementation of SCAClient that is capable of looking up Services in their SCA Runtime.


Vendors need to subclass SCAClientFactory and implement the createSCAClient() method so that it creates an instance of their SCAClient implementation.



Configure the Vendor Implementation classes so they are used


Vendors have two options:


Option 1: Use the reference implementation of SCAClientFactoryFinder


Vendors will specify their Implementation class by any of the following methods:

  • Provide a META-INF/services/org.oasisopen.sca.SCAClientFactory file that points to their implementation class
  • Set the org.oasisopen.sca.SCAClientFactory System Property to point to their implementation class
  • Inject an instance into the defaultFactory field of SCAClientFactory


Option 2: Provide a Vendor specific implementation of SCAClientFactoryFinder


Vendors will need to write a new implementation of SCAClientFactoryFinder and replace the reference implementation that is provided by SCA.


This approach allows the Vendor complete flexibility as to how SCAClient instances are created.



Source Code


I have attached a ZIP file that contains the source code, unit tests and an Eclipse project file for JAVA-1.


When loading the Eclipse project file, you may need to set the target JDK to match the JDK you have installed. To do this simply:


  • Select the Properties menu item on the Project menu.
  • Select the Java Build Path in the list on the left hand side
  • Select the JRE System Library on the right hand side
  • Press the Edit button
  • Make sure the workspace default JRE is selected and press Finish
  • Press OK




I am planning to add this issue to the agenda for Monday’s call as it is too late to add it to today’s call and expect people to have read/reviewed it.



I would appreciate your thoughts/comments on this updated proposal.





Mark Combellack| Software Developer| Avaya | Eastern Business Park | St. Mellons | Cardiff | CF3 5EA | Voice: +44 (0) 29 2081 7624 | mcombellack@avaya.com


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