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Subject: Today's chat log

Raw chat log for 27 July.

Bryan Aupperle, Ph.D.
STSM, WebSphere Enterprise Platform Software Solution Architect

Research Triangle Park,  NC
+1 919-254-7508 (T/L 444-7508)
Internet Address: aupperle@us.ibm.com
[10:15] Mark Combellack: - Roll Call
- Appointment of scribe. List attached below
- Agenda bashing
- Approval of minutes for 24th July 2009

0. Administration 
- Issue Status: Open: 20
- SCA-J Public Review
    Started: 8th June 2009
    Ends:    7th August 2009
- Consider cancelling call on August 31st as UK Bank Holiday

1. Review action items:

Action Items that I believe are done:
2009-07-24-01: Dave to open issue in Policy to add EJB intent to Misc. intents. (Policy issue 101)
2009-07-13-02: Ram to write up proposal in spec with change tracking on for JAVA-150

Action Items that I believe are still to be done:
2008-11-11-22: Mark to draw up some wording for Direction 1 (as discussed at the November F2F) for JAVA-62
2008-11-11-23: Mark (and others prepared to help) to investigate the WorkManager JEE spec and determine its applicability to SCA for JAVA-62
2009-05-11-01: Editors: remove extra space on line 767 of CD01 (PDF)
2009-06-19-01: Mike E to prepare a detailed proposal for Issue 149
2009-07-06-01: Dave B to raise to liaison (so that other C&Is can consider and possibly assembly) that non-XML based C&Is should state how the conversion of property values happens
2009-07-13-01: Mike E to produce text for JAVA-167
2009-07-13-03: Anish to create a proposal for the list of annotations which make sense for JAVA-166
2009-07-17-01: Mike to create an example of the componentType introspection (JAVA-5

2. SCA-J Test Suite

Discussion on the Test Assertions and Test Cases documents
PDF: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/sca-j/download.php/32929/SCA_J_CAA_Test_Assertions_5.pdf
ODT: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/sca-j/download.php/32928/SCA_J_CAA_Test_Assertions_5.odt 

Some comments:

3. New Issues (Excluding EJB/Spring new issues)

a. JAVA-171: Duplicate normative statements in Java CI and Java CAA

b. JAVA-172: Java CAA spec - Incorrect use of RFC2119 keywords

4. Open Issues


5. Issues waiting for updated proposals

a. JAVA-155: Inconsistent normative statements in Chapter 10
Discuss - What do we do next?
Waiting for updated proposal

b. JAVA-127: Long running request/response operations
Proposal: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-j/200812/msg00089.html
Waiting for presentation slides

c. JAVA-168: Conversion rules for property values are not specified
Proposed direction: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-j/200907/msg00004.html
Waiting for full proposal

d. JAVA-46: equals() method on ServiceReference and CallableReference
Waiting for updated proposal

6. Issues without proposals

a. JAVA-51: More examples on <interface.wsdl> mapping to Java
No proposal

b. JAVA-54: Section 7.1 of the Java CAA Specification is unclear
No proposal

c. JAVA-62: Clarify what a Component Implementation can do with threads
No proposal

d. JAVA-78: Need API to set EPR and for a reference invocation
No proposal

e. JAVA-156: Intent annotations are missing from Java CAA as compared to Policy FW spec
No proposal

7. AOB

a. Straggler roll call

Rotating scribe list:

Anish Karmarkar Oracle Corporation (12)
Simon Nash Individual (9)
Martin Chapman Oracle Corporation (11)
Bryan Aupperle IBM (13)
Graham Charters IBM (5)
Mike Edwards IBM (12)
Yang Lei (9)
Ashok Malhotra Oracle Corporation (13)
[10:35] Bryan Aupperle: Scribe: Bryan
[10:35] Bryan Aupperle: Topic: Agenda Bashing
[10:36] Bryan Aupperle: No Changes
[10:36] Bryan Aupperle: Topic: Approval of 24 July Minutes
[10:36] Bryan Aupperle: Minutes Approved
[10:37] Bryan Aupperle: Topic: Administration
[10:38] anish the line quality is bad for me, anyone else?
[10:38] anish not too bad tho, it is intermittent
[10:39] Bryan Aupperle: Motion: Bryan, second Ashok: Cancel calls on 31 Aug. and 7 Sep.
[10:39] Bryan Aupperle: Resolution: Motion passes w/o
[10:39] Bryan Aupperle: Action (Chairs): Find potential replacement time for one or both of the cancelled calls.
[10:40] Bryan Aupperle: Topic: Action Items:
[10:40] Bryan Aupperle: 2009-07-24-01 - Done
[10:40] Bryan Aupperle: 2009-07-13-02 - Done
[10:41] Bryan Aupperle: 2009-06-19-01 and 2009-07-13-01 can now proceed
[10:41] Bryan Aupperle: Remainder are ongoing
[10:42] Bryan Aupperle: Topic: Test Assertions
[10:42] Bryan Aupperle: Mike: I have just about finished the updates based on Dave's comments
[10:42] Bryan Aupperle: Topic: JAVA-171: Duplicate normative statements in Java CI and Java CAA
[10:43] Bryan Aupperle: Dave: Reviews issue
[10:44] anish: dave, curious why u think they should be preserved in CI rather than CAA. Wouldn't u want the same default across various CIs?
[10:45] Bryan Aupperle: Motion: Dave, second Mike: Open Java-171
[10:45] Bryan Aupperle: Resolution: Motion passes w/o
[10:46] Bryan Aupperle: Topic: JAVA-172: Java CAA spec - Incorrect use of RFC2119 keywords
[10:46] Bryan Aupperle: Dave reviews issue
[10:49] Bryan Aupperle: Motion: Dave, second Anish: Open Java-172
[10:49] Bryan Aupperle: Resolution: Motion passes w/o
[10:52] Bryan Aupperle: Dave recaps discussion of point E of issue (not highlighting or labeling keyword statements in conformance sections)  Anish had pointed out a recursion problem if we do this.
[10:53] Bryan Aupperle: Dave: Highlight and label but not include in appendix
[10:55] Bryan Aupperle: Anish: Could move all the statements (except for pointer to appendix) to other parts of the doc and then lable and hightlight.
[10:56] Bryan Aupperle: Bryan: Difference between normative statements and conformance clauses. (http://docs.oasis-open.org/templates/TCHandbook/ConformanceGuidelines.html)
[10:57] Bryan Aupperle: Anish, there are some points in the conformance clauses (i.e. statments relative to schema validation) that could be moved.
[10:58] Martin C the author of those guidelines is very happy that they are being quoted correctly
[11:02] anish 
[11:15] Bryan Aupperle: Discussion: for CAA, statement 3 in 12.3 is a normative statement should be moved, statement 4 may properly belong in the various CI specs.
[11:17] anish dave, you are fast on the chair duties
[11:17] Bryan Aupperle: Topic: Review of statements waiting on (updated) proposals.
[11:18] Bryan Aupperle: JAVA-155 - Simon is driving this, we need to wait for him to return for an update.
[11:18] Bryan Aupperle: JAVA-127 - Waiting on presentation slides
[11:19] Bryan Aupperle: Mike: Assembly Spec includes, so we need to say something (either not supported or a statement of how it is supported).
[11:20] Bryan Aupperle: Dave: What do we need to do to move this forward?
[11:20] Bryan Aupperle: Mike:  First step is a clearer presentation of the proposal.
[11:24] anish has to hang up, bye
[11:25] Bryan Aupperle: Action(Mike): Prepare set of slides for Issue 127
[11:25] Bryan Aupperle: JAVA-168 - Simon is driving this, we need to wait for him to return for an update.
[11:27] Bryan Aupperle: JAVA-46 - Mark owns, but not clear way forward.  Should come back for discus son on a call.
[11:28] Bryan Aupperle: JAVA-51 - Raised by Anish (who just dropped off the call)
[11:30] Bryan Aupperle: JAVA-54 - Raised by Mike  - Basic problem still exists.  Some improvements have been made, but work remains.
[11:32] Bryan Aupperle: Mike: Have to do this because there is a lack of normative detail for each method.
[11:33] Bryan Aupperle: Mark: Should we split the work up on this?  I.e. have one person create a template and have others works on specific methods?
[11:34] Bryan Aupperle: JAVA-62 - Raised by Mark - TC has had little discussion about threads, so there is no direction for creating a proposal.
[11:36] Bryan Aupperle: Mike: There is already some mention of threads in other statements in the spec.  So we probably need something.
[11:37] Bryan Aupperle: Mike: In particular, there are normative statements the state that context does not propagate.
[11:38] Bryan Aupperle: SCA threads have context, client created threads do not.
[11:39] Bryan Aupperle: JAVA-78 - Raised by Pradeep - Simon is driving this, we need to wait for him to return for an update.
[11:39] Bryan Aupperle: Mike: This is a nice to have.
[11:42] Bryan Aupperle: General view is to defer this issue.  Mark will e-main Simon.
[11:43] Bryan Aupperle: JAVA-156 - Raised by Dave (who admits to needing to work on it).
[11:45] Bryan Aupperle: Topic: AOB

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