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Subject: [sca-j] ISSUE-173: Updated Proposal

Updated Proposal:

"If there are no <sca:service/> elements in the application context, one <service/> element exists for each service implemented by each top-level <bean/> element in the application context, found by introspection of the bean class declared by the bean element."

The SCA runtime should consider all the top-level beans whose class attribute is present, and for these top-level beans the spring container should be able to directly create the bean by calling its constructor reflectively (somewhat equivalent to Java code using the 'new' operator).

The SCA runtime should not consider creating a service for the following bean definition, when the....
       spring container invokes a static, factory method on a class to create the bean
       spring container invokes a non-static, instance factory method on a class to create the bean
       bean's abstract attribute is set to true
       child bean definition uses the bean class from the parent definition
       bean class specifies the spring native classes or spring api classes

Thanks & Regards,

R Ramkumar
Open Source SOA Development - Apache Tuscany
Phone : 91-80-41927623
Email  : ramkumar_rj@in.ibm.com

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