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Subject: [sca-j] ISSUE-175: Updated Proposal

Important points to note from Spring Documentation: (just for information, not for the proposal)

Updated Proposal:

The SCA Spring Component Implementation specification should state that...

If there are no <sca:service/> elements in the application context, one <service/> element exists for each service implemented by each top-level <bean/> element in the application context whose "id" attribute is available. Every bean that needs to be considered for implicit services within the application context should have "id" attribute associated with it which uniquely identifies the bean, beans with no "id" attribute will be ignored.

In case of multiple application context hierarchy, where one context is said to be the parent of another one, the later bean definition will override ones defined in the earlier loaded files. Applying this rule, implicit services will be created for the later bean definition which will override the ones defined in the earlier loaded files.

Thanks & Regards,

R Ramkumar
Open Source SOA Development - Apache Tuscany
Phone : 91-80-41927623
Email  : ramkumar_rj@in.ibm.com

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