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Subject: WD10 zip file


We approved WD09 as our CSD01 for Spring CI. The TC admin found a few 
issues with it:

1) We approved the doc file, but we need to submit the doc file as well 
as the XSD. It is best to get approval on the zip file that contain both.
2) Since we approved the doc file, I had to create the zip file after 
the fact and therefore the timestamps on the doc file in the zip is 
different from the one we approved.
3) The name of the xsd file in the appendix was sca-spring-extension.xsd 
and if we are to stay inline with the SCA naming convention (eg SCA 
BPEL) that we have adopted, it should be sca-spring-extensions.xsd (plural).
4) We agreed to move to the new OASIS naming guidelines, therefore there 
needs to be a "v" in the name of the file before the version number.

I have fixed all the problems and created a WD10 zip file [1]. We should 
approve the new WD10 as CSD01. If the TC blesses it, I'll update the 
issues for creating CSD01 and PR01 with the new zip file.

This assumes that the file name is sca-springci-v1.1-WD10. The other 
option is sca-springci-spec-v1.1-WD10. We do use 'spec' in other SCA 
specs, but I find it to be redundant (what else could it be other than a 
spec?). Since we are moving away from old naming convention, I thought 
it was a good time to remove the 'spec' part. But if the TC decides to 
keep the 'spec' part we can change this.

The other thing that we ought to discuss is creating subdirectories 
under docs.oasis-open.org for our specs/XSD/jar files. Because of the 
large number of specs and various CD/CSDs that this TC has to deal with, 
as Robin had mentioned some time ago, it is increasingly getting messy. 
Robin had suggested (and the new TC Admin Paul Knight has as well) 
creating a 'springci' or a 'springci-spec' subdirectory. We also have to 
figure out whether we want the subdirectory under 'opencsa' or not. So 
there are four options for the URLs:








I like the third option the best. But we need to decide on this. I'll 
put all of this on the agenda for monday.




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