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Subject: Re: [sdo] RE: SDO 3 CD review

Thanks Radu. I uploaded your latest changes to the OASIS site.

1. I agree that we should remove references to the INSTANCE fields, but I 
think we also need to officially deprecate them in the Java interfaces. 
I'll add an agenda item for tomorow's call to open a new issue for this, 
but leave it for post CD1.
2. I changed the sentence in section 8 to what I think it is really trying 
to say: "If the Types have associated static Java interfaces, then the 
additional sdoj:package attribute will be present in the generated schema 


"Radu Preotiuc-Pietro" <radu.preotiuc-pietro@oracle.com> 
12/13/2008 04:22 PM
Please respond to
"radu.preotiuc-pietro@oracle.com" <radu.preotiuc-pietro@oracle.com>

Frank Budinsky/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
"sdo@lists.oasis-open.org" <sdo@lists.oasis-open.org>
[sdo] RE: SDO 3 CD review

Hi Frank,

I have updated the references in the sdo-java doc and also removed the 
capitalization for Java primitive types from section 6.1 and XSD types 
from section 7.3. I have added section number for the "DataHelper" 
section, it was missing. There are a few things outstanding, but we can 
take care of them post-CD1.

My proposal would be to remove all the references to the INSTANCE fields 
from the spec, but leave them in the Java code potentially, to avoid any 
compatibility problems.
8 - ". If the Types also have a javaPackage specified then the additional 
sdoj:package attribute will be present in the generated schema 
declaration." This part is not clear to me. I don't think that Type has 
such a "javaPackage" property. That, however, is not a new issue, it 
exists in 2.1.1 as well, therefore we don't have to fix it now.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Frank Budinsky [mailto:frankb@ca.ibm.com] 
> Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 7:42 PM
> To: radu.preotiuc-pietro@oracle.com
> Cc: sdo@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: Re: SDO 3 CD review
> Hi Radu,
> I've updated the Java spec to address your issues and a few 
> of my own and attached the latest version below. The only 
> things I didn't address are the refrerence issues:
> 3, line 741 - JavaBeans needs to be introduced as a normative 
> reference and the link re-formatted.
> 3, line 763 - The link to another chapter should contain the 
> chapter number 3, line 773 - Replace "uses the sdo and sdoj 
> annotations" with "uses SDO-specific Schema annotations (see 
> chapter 7)" (also a valid SDO 2.1.1
> comment)
> 3.2 - "For the purchaseOrder XSD" needs a reference to that 
> XSD (also a valid SDO 2.1.1 comment)
> Can you update those ones?
> Thanks,
> Frank
> "Radu Preotiuc-Pietro" <radu.preotiuc-pietro@oracle.com>
> 12/08/2008 11:43 AM
> Please respond to
> "radu.preotiuc-pietro@oracle.com" <radu.preotiuc-pietro@oracle.com>
> To
> Frank Budinsky/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA, "sdo@lists.oasis-open.org"
> <sdo@lists.oasis-open.org>
> cc
> Subject
> SDO 3 CD review
> Hi Frank, everyone,
> This is my list of comments, most of them have to do with the 
> core/java split. The Java portion of the specification, in 
> particular, needs some more work, because in some parts right 
> now is just a collection of disjoint sentences which were 
> removed from the core spec. The Java spec also has some 
> missing SDO 2.1.1 updates, as indicated below. On the other 
> hand, I have noticed some out-of-place things which also 
> exist in the current SDO 2.1.1 (marked accordingly), so I am 
> going to fix them in there too (if everyone agrees of course).
> The SDO-core doc:
> Abstract - should be "to handle data" and there is an extra 
> space before "This document"
> 1.3 - Missing SDO 2.1.1 update - we have removed all the 
> links other than ibm, oracle and sap from the SDO 2.1.1 doc
> 1.2 - Are the MOF2 XMI and EMOF references still appropriate? 
> [1] EMOF is actually never referenced in the rest of the doc 
> and [4]MOF2 is only referenced in a section that talks about 
> non-goals (and it is referenced as [2]), so at most it should 
> be given a correct reference name and included among the 
> non-normatives.
> 2.3 - "Generating Java from XMLSchemas" row should be removed
>       "DataType Conversion Tables" row should be moved up
> 4.1.2 - "[...] can be a path expression based on a subset of 
> XPath" This is unnecessarily vague. It should point to the 
> chapter describing SDO path. (this is also a valid 2.1.1 comment)
> 4.1.4 - I don't think this is language-independent, but then 
> again, it is difficult to explain in a non-language-dependent way
> 4.1.12 - The isNull() and setNull() methods; when did we 
> introduce those?
> I can't remember, it could be me
> 4.1.13 - Table - first row - note; I don't think the note is 
> necessary, it needs to be removed (also a valid 2.1.1 comment)
> 4.3.5 - References to "XML path expressions" can now be 
> changed to "XPath expressions" (also a valid 2.1.1 comment)
> 4.3.7 - What happened to getChangedObjects()? What about 
> getOldValue()?
> 4.5.5 - Paragraph 2 - It should include a link to the chapter
> 4.5.8 - Second code example: why getString() and not get()
> 4.5.9 - getURI() is missing the parans (also in SDO 2.1.1)
> 4.6.3 - Needs a better introduction than "A property marked 
> with sdo:key="true" is called a key property" What does it 
> mean for a property to be "marked with sdo:key"? At this 
> point the spec never talked in any detail about XSD to SDO 
> mapping, nor about open-content on Properties. I think part 
> of the section needs to be moved after the section that talks 
> about open-content (4.6.7) and the sample moved in the 
> Examples section (and the prefix changed to sdox probably)
> 4.7.2 - Talks about Java a few times
> 4.8.4 - Reference to section 3.1.9 needs to be replaced with a link
> 4.8.6 - getTypes(URI: String): List should not be there
> 4.12.1 - formatting error, there should be 2 blocks of code
> 4.13.4 - getNamespace() should be getNamespaceURI()
> 4.14.4 - I think the example has to be cleaned up to at least 
> remove the 1st person references
> 5 - aliasName property should be String*
> 6.1 - The conversion rules between String and List are 
> missing, but I assume they are the same in every language 
> (part of the reason they were modeled after XMLSchema)
> 6.1.1,6.1.2 - Title of the chapters is obviously wrong (also 
> a valid 2.1.1
> comment) they should be: "6.1.1 Conversion from SDO type 
> Bytes to SDO type String" and "6.2.2 Conversion from SDO type 
> String to SDO type Bytes"
>     - Also there is a question if it makes sense to leave the 
> Date conversions out but keep the Bytes and Character conversions in
> 7.3 - Do we want to add "key" here so that examples from 
> chapter 4 make sense?
> 9.2.1 - Row 1, cell 2, there is a typo (also a valid 2.1.1 
> comment), it should be something like: "[URI] is the 
> (non-null) type.uri for the types defined by this Schema"
> 7.4 - "When creating a Property..." should not be bulleted
> 7.5.2 - The sentence ". In the case where Date and 
> java.lang.String are insufficient, sdox:dataType can be used 
> to override the datatype to one with a custom implementation 
> class." was left out. Was that intentional?
> 7.4 -7.5 - How to specify an element/attribute as key and 
> examples should be moved here IMO
> 7.6.1 - The "MyGregorianDate" and "SKU" types now have to be 
> removed altogether once their sdoj annotations have been 
> removed 8, table 2 - Why is the declaration for sdox prefix removed?
> 8.1 - Hm, really a "2.1.1 comment", the names of the XSD 
> types should not, of course, be capitalized
> 8.1 - If we disregard the "SDO Java types", then the two 
> cases in which "sdo:dataType" needs to be used are "Date" and 
> "Character"; maybe this warrants a new issue to be opened, 
> but I think it's fairly clear
> 8.2 - I think the third example is wrong 11, line 2886 - I 
> only now realize how strange this Note looks, for SDO 3 we 
> should seriously think about eliminating it.
> 12 - Again, I think conversions of List to String should be 
> kept because they are not Java-specific; there are plenty of 
> references to Lists throughout the core spec
> A1 - I have noticed a few times that references no longer 
> include the chapter #, which was actually useful to quickly 
> locate the reference
> A2 - Missing reference to chapter 11, "the datagraph" not 
> clear what it means.
> A3 - This should probably be moved to the java spec. It 
> should be "no change summary information [...]"
> For the SDO-java doc:
> 2.1.2 - An SDO 2.1.1 update is missing here: "Specifically, 
> it is the same type as would be returned [...]" needs to be 
> removed and the following
> added: "When deriving a property type from a value, if the 
> value is an instance of DataObject, the type of the 
> DataObject (returned by
> DataObject.getType()) is used; otherwise a DataType with a 
> compatible instance class is used. Compatibility is based on 
> the mapping tables shown in section 8.1. For 
> java.lang.String, the SDO type "String" is used."
> 2.3.1 - The ChangeSummary.Setting interface and associated 
> methods need to be moved to the core spec, maybe as a 
> separate interface. We can then say that, for 
> backwards-compatibility, the interface is an inner interface 
> in Java; but it does not make sense to move all the 
> functionality in the Java spec, IMO
> 2.3.1 - "getValue() on setting is used instead of 
> getOldValue<T>" What does this mean?
> 2.5 - "The Java "extends" keyword maps to base types." What 
> does this mean?
> 2.7.1 - Maybe we can remove the INSTANCE field kludge from 
> the spec altogether; just leave it in the API for backwards-compat
> 2.7.2 - Why is create(Class) removed?
> 2.8.2 - Why is getType(Class) removed?
> 2.16.1 - Should be "HelperProvider Interface"
> 3, line 741 - JavaBeans needs to be introduced as a normative 
> reference and the link re-formatted.
> 3, line 763 - The link to another chapter should contain the 
> chapter number 3, line 773 - Replace "uses the sdo and sdoj 
> annotations" with "uses SDO-specific Schema annotations (see 
> chapter 7)" (also a valid SDO 2.1.1
> comment)
> 3.2 - "For the purchaseOrder XSD" needs a reference to that 
> XSD (also a valid SDO 2.1.1 comment)
> 5 - This is a strange chapter; it needs a reference to the 
> corresponding chapter in the core spec and a reiteration of 
> the main ideas.
> 6 - Missing SDO 2.1.1 update: remove the "DataGraph.getType[...]"
> reference
> 6.1 - Any reason the sentence "When code is generated with 
> accessors of type XXX, the behavior is identical to the 
> getXXX(property) and
> setXXX(property) methods." is removed from the end of the 
> second paragraph?
> 6.1, line 1031 - "[...] are additional types" is a good 
> example of how splitting the spec into two documents has 
> impacted the readability: it's not clear additional to what 
> if don't look at the 2.1.1 version of the spec. Taking some 
> sentences out of the paragraph makes it impossible to gather 
> any meaning from the remaining ones.
> 6.1 first table - Second row should be "byte or 
> java.lang.Byte" row 20 should be "List<String>" since we are 
> on JDK 1.5 now; also I don't see the reason why int would map 
> to either "int or java.lang.Integer" etc, after in the 
> previous paragraph we have said that an implementation can 
> choose either SDO Int or IntObject types; we may need to open 
> an issue on that, but in the meantime, this should not be changed
> 7.1 - Again, reference is needed to what principles exactly 
> are extended
> 7.1 - Missing SDO 2.1.1 update, the first cell in the first 
> row should be "Target namespace" instead of "Schema"
> 7.2 - Missing SDO 2.1.1 update: "Use sdox:name" instead of 
> "Use sdo:name"
> 7.2.2 - sdoj:instanceClass can have effect on what the SDO 
> type relationship is; we need to open issue to see if that 
> should continue to be the case and if so, then the table 
> needs a column for the SDO type as well
> 7.2.3 - Again missing the SDO 2.1.1 update that replaced uses 
> of "sdo:name" with "sdox:name"
> 8 - Also needs a bit of an introduction
> 8, line 1271 - "The simple type is based on the following" 
> needs to be rewritten; Come to think of it, the entire 
> chapter 8 needs to be rewritten (it is very short anyway)
> 9 - Remove this "chapter"
> 10 - Do we need this chapter in both the core and java specs? 
> I thought the idea behind the SDO data types was that they 
> are able to represent data in a language-independent manner. 
> If so, then everything should be in the core spec A - XMLDAS 
> reference, we should have removed this (also a 2.1.1 comment)
> A1 - "See section 13 for details" It's not section 13 
> anymore. It's [SDO] A9, line 1906 - This is not part of the 
> schema, there should be two separate XML blocks here
> Thank you for getting this far,
> Radu
> > 
> Thank you for getting this far,
> Radu
[attachment "sdo-java-3.0-spec-wd04-121308.doc" deleted by Frank 
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