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Subject: Re: [search-ws] Scan: another approach

Encoding compound information in queryOption values (e.g. 
is not desirable because it adds complexity. Simplicity is the cardinal 
rule IMHO in our search spec.

However it is OK to use dot notation in queryOption names (e.g. 

With that idea your complete example could look like:


Above maintains your idea without sacrificing simplicity.

That said what I do not get is why we don't just add a queryType 
queryOption so that your example further refined looks like:



Matthew J. Dovey wrote:
> Mmmm, interesting - it also got me thinking. Essentially the information
> we send on the request falls into three categories:
> The query
> Some positional information (startRecord, MaxRecords)
> Some response formatting instructions (recordFormat, sort)
> Can everything we send in a request be categorised as above?
> If so, we could simplify our request into three parameters each
> accepting a value which is in someway extensible.
> So our requests may look something like:
> http://myserver.com/sru?query=sru.CQL:dc.author=smith&positional=[sru.st
> artRecord:1;sru.maximumRecords:10;myextension.stepping:2]&formatting=[sr
> u.recordFormat=MODS;sru.sort=dc.author]
> http://myserver.com/sru/query=sru.SCAN:dc.author%20any%20smith&positiona
> l=[sru.startRecord:1;sru.maximumRecords:10]

Farrukh Najmi

Web: http://www.wellfleetsoftware.com

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