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Subject: Description language -- shared semantics

The two models for the Description Language might be
described as follows:

Model 1.) Descriptions of services are written by users for their
     own consumption.

Model 2.) Descriptions are supplied by service providers (or third
     parties) for the consumption of users.

Model 2 implies that there has to be a shared view of the semantics
of the various query elements. I.e. Z39.50 Bib-1, a CQL context set.
The Description Language would probably need to accommodate both of
those and others besides.

Model 1 needs no concept of shared semantics as I know what I mean
when I write in the Description that this query element is the 'Title'.

Any Description Language we come up with should accommodate both models.
I did provide some provision for the semantics of query elements in
the stuff I did earlier, but it obviously needs more work to see how it
might, say, support a CQL context set.

Ashley Sanders               a.sanders@manchester.ac.uk
Copac http://copac.ac.uk A Mimas service funded by JISC

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