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Subject: Facets

General query: the client can't pick which of the supported facets to  
have results ordered on. I can't just ask "facet results only on  
subject and author, because I'll never use source"? Or is the way to  
do it facetLimit*dc.source=0, so you have to specify facets  
subtractively rather than additively?

Associated with that, I assume there's the usual standard way of  
discovering what facets are supported by a server.

1.1.1. Facetlimit:

The server decides how to truncate reported facets to meet the limit?  
The client may well have preferences for which 10 facets to  
prioritise, although presumably this is merely a matter of using  
facetSort, and have facetLimit return the first 10 facets according to  
that ordering. Still, I'd forestall the impression that the selection  
of facets is arbitrary.

Is facetlimit*dc.subject and facetcount*dc.subject novel syntax? I'd  
be happier with wedging this index-specific use of facelimit as a  
modifier somehow into the specification of facet; the syntax looks  
idiosyncratic otherwise. facetSort:

No possibility of combining multiple sortBy fields, e.g. recordCount,  
then alphanumeric when the record count is the same? If there were  
more sortBy fields, there would me more point in that, of course.

What does "occurrence" mean? Presence vs. absence in the index?

Sorting of facets should have the flexibility of sorting in general,  
as supported by the Sort Context Set (among others); I assume there's  
no problem in using sort modifiers for facetSort as well as vanilla  
SortBy? FacetLowValue, FacetHighValue

These really should be specific to particular facets; I fear  
unintended results if a server attempts to apply them blanket to all  
facets (numbers to text, to give the obvious example).

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