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Subject: Re: Security JC 8/19/2002: [security-jc] Proposed SJC Charter

I've added the comments from both Darran
and Monica to the agenda for the 9/3 meeting.

Monica Martin wrote:

> I would also propose that we define a code of ethics that complements
> our charter:
> The SJC will promote the mutual respect among all OASIS technical
> committees. The SJC will foster and maintain respect among OASIS
> security TCs and for them in the security community at large. The SJC
> will maintain a vendor neutral and vendor agnostic view in its support
> for diverse security technologies.
> The SJC will promote public safeguards and believes that security
> technologies should be used solely for legal, ethical, and
> nondiscriminatory purposes. The joint committee is committed to the
> highest standards of systems integrity and data security in order to
> deter identity theft, protect personal privacy, and ensure equal rights
> under the law in all security applications.
> These have been mirrored after the IBIA Biometric Code of Ethics which
> are particularly powerful.
> Perhaps these can be discussed in the upcoming meeting.
> Thank you.
> Monica J. Martin
> Program Manager
> Drake Certivo, Inc.
> 208.585.5946
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> 	From: Darran Rolls 
> 	Sent: Mon 8/19/2002 10:15 AM 
> 	To: security-jc@lists.oasis-open.org 
> 	Cc: 
> 	Subject: [security-jc] Proposed SJC Charter
> 	As per my action item from the last con-call, I have pulled the
> text from previous charter discussions to form the following draft
> charter statement.  I have removed all mention of how we intend to meet
> the charter goals.
> 	The Security Joint Committee (SJC) has been formed to coordinate
> security related activities under OASIS.  On mm/dd/yyyy the SJC agreed
> on the following four major goals for this JC:
> 	To promote the use of consistent terms
> 	Through consultation with, and the participation of member TC’s,
> to encourage new and developing TC's to use consistent terms when
> defining security related items in specification glossaries. 
> 	To promote re-use
> 	To provide a forum that promotes the definition and
> identification of re-usable security related specification elements.
> Security related specification elements are defined as (but are not
> limited to) object models, use cases, extensible XML elements and
> deployment profiles.
> 	To champion an OASIS security standards model
> 	To champion the creation of a reference model that shows how
> OASIS security TC specifications are inter-related.  This reference
> model shall define how OASIS security related specifications "fit
> together" and relate to other security relevant works at W3C, WS-I etc.
> 	To provide consistent PR
> 	To provide a single point of contact for addressing security
> related enquiries at OASIS and in doing so to help organize and
> coordinate security related comment and PR from OASIS.
> 	Darran Rolls  
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