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Subject: Re: Challenge-Response/OBI & S2ML (Anders Rundgren's suggestion)


> I guess it's open to debate, but Jamcracker plans on voting against any
> addition of challenge/response of credentials.  

As I wrote to Zahid, it is not such a surprise if the original authors want to continue on
the path *they* set.  I have no problems with your position, but I do think that either
we take that voting pretty soon to avoid potentially endless boring debates and flamings,
or assign a sub-group to prepare material for general comments.

If there is a majority supporting the current scheme (in spite of not seen any
alternatives whatsoever) the voting should be quick and painless.

So I would like to Challenge the TC!  Now, where is the Response?  :-) :-)

- NO
- or limited-time task-force


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