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Subject: Member and Observer Status

here is a list of the members and observers as I have it. Members are those
people who signed up 15 days before the first meeting and made the first
meeting. Observers are those who did not sign up within the time limit but
have requested to be a part of the process. Observers are automatically
converted to members after 60 days or 3 meetings (whichever comes first). I
will send email to each observer, individually, when they roll over to
member status.
All members must attend two out of three meetings. If you miss two
consecutive meetings you fail this requirement and lose your member status.
You can be reinstated after going through the Observer status process (a
re-probationary process).
If I have spelt your name wrong or made other goofs, please let me know as
soon as possible.

This is the list of members that Eve will be using for role call at the
next meeting.


Heather Hinton, PhD,
Senior Security Architect
Tivoli eZone Solutions Design
6300 Bridgepoint Parkway
Building III, A5081
Austin, TX 78731
e-mail: hhinton@tivoli.com
Telephone: +1:(512)436-1538
Fax: +1(512)436-1199

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