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Subject: Re: Minutes of 6 Feb Meeting

Thanks to all for making great progress in my absence.  Sorry to say, I 
didn't give you all a moment's thought while I was sipping Hurricanes on 
Bourbon Street. :-)  However, I'm now caught up on all the mail.

A few responses:

At 09:50 AM 2/7/01 -0600, Heather_Hinton@tivoli.com wrote:
>Minutes of Teleconference on 6 February 2001

I will publish corrected minutes for the 23 Jan meeting sometime this 
week.  We can attempt to approve this version and the (corrected, if 
necessary) 6 Feb minutes at the 20 Feb telecon.

>Subgroup Reports:
>Contributing Editor (Bob Blakley): Based on available XML editing tools
>(difficult to use, format documents)
>first version is going to be an HTML version of documents. Bob will talk
>with Eve and other people experienced with XML
>editing tools and won't make a decision until then.

I'll be happy to talk with Bob about this anytime; I'm around all this 
week.  I also noticed that the use-case group was discussing whether to use 
XMI-compliant tools for outputting use cases.  Seems like a good idea to 
me, if the people on that group are in agreement and if the XMI-compliant 
tools can produce pretty pictures somehow.

>SIDE DISCUSSION: Status of submissions and other base proposals.
>It was not clear if the call for submissions was closed. It was pointed out
>that some believed the submissions were possible up to the face-to-face in
>Clarification reached during meeting:  processing of materials remains a
>working group decision, but that in general new submissions can be brought
>to the working groups until March face-to-face meeting.

My feeling is that "submissions" can be made at any time, and it's up to us 
to decide whether they're relevant and timely enough.  E.g., if there's a 
tough design problem we're facing in the (say) Core Assertions area and 
it's May 15, I'm not going to look a gift submission in the mouth if it 
neatly proposes a good solution.

>NOTE: If a subcommittee editor cannot attend, would they please make every
>attempt to designate someone to give a report.

On a related note, it would be great if people could respond directly to 
the "Agenda" messages if they want to send regrets.  It's easy to keep 
track of that way.

>Other Business:
>Next meeting: 2 weeks today (20 Feb)
>Tenative Next meeting: 3 weeks today (27 Feb) same week as F2F. This will
>be a short meeting to finalize information and agenda for F2F meeting
>Meeting after: 4 weeks today

I think an informal meeting on Feb 27 (say, of chairs/leaders/editors) 
could be useful, if it's kept short; I'm supposed to be taking a class that 
day and would have to slip away from it.  We can nail this down during our 
20 Feb telecon.

>Eve is in New Orleans for vacation; we are not sure what shape she will be
>in when she gets back.

Uh, larger? :-)

Here are the things I plan to do by Monday/Tuesday:

- Publish results of the naming poll and start a new, final one
- Make a web page providing all the details on the F2F meeting/location
- Start the official Evite invitation to the F2F
- Start gathering all the PR/technical contact information
- Thoroughly review documents produced to date
- Talk to Bob B. about document formats
- Talk to Hal L. about issues list maintenance

Let me know if I'm letting something critical fall through the 
cracks.  It's entirely possible, as my brain is still operating at 

>Regarding late attendance, the statement from the last meeting was
>(paraphrasing) "On the teleconference by 10 minutes past the start of the
>meeting barring technical difficulties". While airplane take-off departures
>and landings may provide a technical difficulties, as a courtesy to the
>recording secretary, please notify the Eve and Heather that you will be
>having this form of technical difficulty.

This is another thing people can do by responding to the "Agenda" message 
each time, if they know ahead of time what their situation might be.

>Aside: A note of thanks to Joe for doing a great job in running an
>efficient meeting.

Let me add my thanks too!

Eve Maler                                          +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center    eve.maler @ east.sun.com

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