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security-services message

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Subject: Re: Minutes of 6 Feb Meeting

Today I took an action to merge the already-approved 6 February minutes 
with the newly approved additions contributed by Dave Orchard.  Here they are.


			*		*		*

Minutes of Teleconference on 6 February 2001

Role Call: 36 members, quorum reached
Nominate Joe Pato for acting Chair by Bob Blakley
Approved by Acclamation

Membership report (Heather)
Recall that to maintain member status, you must attend two out of every
three meetings. This means that missing two meetings will cause you to lose
your member status. The following people have missed the last two meetings
and have therefore lost their member status:
Name           Company        Attendance Record
Merlin Hughes       Baltimore      1     N    N
Zahid Ahmed         CommerceOne          1    N    N
Norbert Mikula           DataChannel          1    N    N
Sumner Blount       Netegrity      1     N    N
Britta Glade        Securant       1     N    N
Eric Olden          Securant       1     N    N
Arny Epstein        SilverStream         1    N    N
Sai Allavarpu       Sun            1     N    N
Brian Schussler     Sun            1     N    N
John Baker          Axent                1    N    N
If these people wish to become members, they must go through the
"prospective member" phase. Please notify Heather Hinton
(Heather_Hinton@tivoli.com) and Eve Maler if you wish to be added to the
prospective members list.

Motion to accept minutes from last meeting; Approved by acclamation

Additions/changes to today's agenda: None

Subgroup Reports:
Contributing Editor (Bob Blakley): Based on available XML editing tools
(difficult to use, format documents)
first version is going to be an HTML version of documents. Bob will talk
with Eve and other people experienced with XML
editing tools and won't make a decision until then.
Bob would like documents sent to him (in email) in some form that is
"Unambiguously identified" so he knows what is text
and what is side comment
Jeff Hodges and Bob Morgan have proposed a "naming standard" for documents;
Bob has asked them to re-post this to the general mailing list so that
everyone is familiar with the proposal and so that we can use this as our
standard for documents

Use Cases (Darren):
Have distributed first straw man, solicited comments. Rolling comments into
document, working on establishing scope of open issues. Second straw man
will be distributed to TC on Friday. If you have comments, please try to
structure them as requirements
Darren is going to try and schedule regular meetings for the group to make
it easier for people to plan around this.

Core Assertions(Phil Hallam-Baker):
Got a lot of technology, trying to separate out what reasons for technology
are. Trying to synch with Use Case group. As far as working on
architecture/assertions, they are waiting for requirements before they can
specify what pieces should be in or out. Now that there is a draft from use
cases, things should start happening.
Question: is there a starting point now or will that be defined based on
Answer: there are existing starting points, in fact, almost a "too many
ideas" situation.

Protocols(Tim Moses):
Similar situation to Core Assertions; have combined two inputs but it
clashed with current work in Use Cases. Have since held off until Use Cases
have started to solidify. Hopefully second straw man from UC will provide a
basis for discussion. Reason for early distribution of protocol doc is to
see if there are any substantial, early issues.

[new:] David Orchard objected to the Protocols SWG(sub working group) not 
including some of the inputs before the TC.  In particular, that the ITML 
session management proposal was not included in the session management 
portion of the protocols subgroup, nor had the protocols WG reviewed the 
ITML session management submission.

David Orchard opined that when editors are directed to produce first drafts 
of appropriate material based upon existing material, the editor(s) should 
do their best to combine the complete set of works before them and not pick 
from a subset.

Bob (Morgan?) pointed out that editors act upon instructions given them and 
that the WG owns the technical content.

SIDE DISCUSSION: Status of submissions and other base proposals.
It was not clear if the call for submissions was closed. It was pointed out
that some believed the submissions were possible up to the face-to-face in
March. Clarification reached during meeting:  processing of materials 
remains a working group decision, but that in general new submissions can 
be brought
to the working groups until March face-to-face meeting.

[new:] David Orchard believe that the actual decision was that any 
submissions can be brought to the WG before the f2f.  Processing of new 
materials does not remain a WG decision as the WG has made a 
decision.   Quoth he from the Jan 9 2001 minutes, "The work will take the 
S2ML specification and the intended submission of AuthXML, along with any 
other relevant and timely submissions, into consideration."

Bindings (Prateek Mishra):
There is a draft, had discussion and comments. Draft attempts to call out
scope and deliverables for bindings group. Plan to revise and meet once
more before releasing to TC. There is a dependency on use cases. Two
issues: 1) role of security services within spec this has depend on use
case 2) general issue of extensible and a model for registering new

Conformance Suite (Krishna Sankar):
Krishna was absent today; we will ask him to send a brief written report
the TC

Security Considerations (Jeremy Epstein or designate):
Nothing to report

NOTE: If a subcommittee editor cannot attend, would they please make every
attempt to designate someone to give a report.

EBXML: have designated report to use case list
XKMS: nothing to report
XML Encryption: nothing significant t report
XML Protocol: Nothing to report
IETF BEEP: looking at it as inputs to bindings

IETF Sacred: Nothing to report
WSDL/UDDI: Nothing to report
HIPPA/HL7: Security regs not issued in final form; privacy regs is final,
Bob B will look into HL7
XML Consortium: Nothing to report

Other Business:
Next meeting: 2 weeks today (20 Feb)
Tenative Next meeting: 3 weeks today (27 Feb) same week as F2F. This will
be a short meeting to finalize information and agenda for F2F meeting
Meeting after: 4 weeks today

Joe Pato has volunteered to serve as an interim chair if needed

Eve is in New Orleans for vacation; we are not sure what shape she will be
in when she gets back.

Regarding late attendance, the statement from the last meeting was
(paraphrasing) "On the teleconference by 10 minutes past the start of the
meeting barring technical difficulties". While airplane take-off departures
and landings may provide a technical difficulties, as a courtesy to the
recording secretary, please notify the Eve and Heather that you will be
having this form of technical difficulty.

Motion to adjourn voted by acclamation.

Aside: A note of thanks to Joe for doing a great job in running an
efficient meeting.

Post Meeting report from Jeff Hodges, whose phone refused to dial in after
dropping him near the end of the con call:
I [Jeff] did want to report about the SSTC website -- myself & Karri Myles
(Oblix webmaster) have volunteered to create and manage it. We're in touch
with Jeff Lomas, the OASIS webmaster in order to get things set up. I
anticipate putting up copies of all the various "submitted" and "draft"
docs that are floating around the list, and using the document naming
conventions of the (mentioned by BobB in the concall today)
draft-sstc-doc-guidelines-00.txt doc (sent to the security-services list
Wed, 31 Jan 2001 00:52:02 -0800 in a msg entitled "Re: SSTC document
guidelines" (I [Jeff] will resend this doc to the list per BobB's motion

Attendance List (Members)
Michah Lerner  AT&T
Stephen Farrell     Baltimore
Patrick McLaughlin  Baltimore
Irving Reid         Baltimore
Greg Wilson         Baltimore
Hal Lockhart        Entegrity
Carlisle Adams      Entrust
Alex Berson         Entrust
Robert    Griffin   Entrust
Tim Moses           Entrust
Nigel Edwards  HP
Joe Pato       HP
Jason Rouault       HP
Maryann Hondo  IBM
Kelly Emo           Jamcracker
David Orchard  Jamcracker
Valerie Beaubien    Netegrity
Marc Chanliau  Netegrity
Dave Jablon         Netegrity
Prateek Mishra      Netegrity
Keith O'Leary       Netegrity
Jeff Hodges         Oblix
Charles Knouse      Oblix
Duane Hamilton      OpenNetwork
Michael Lyons  OpenNetwork
Darren Platt        Securant
Chris Ferris        Sun
David Hofert        Sun
Paul Ashley         Tivoli
Bob Blakley         Tivoli
Marlena Erdos  Tivoli
Heather Hinton      Tivoli
Sridhar Muppidi     Tivoli
Mark Vandenwauver   Tivoli
Bob Morgan          UWashington
Philip Baker        Verisign
Warwick Ford   Verisign
Jeremy Epstein      webMethods
Anders Rundgren     X-OBI

Attendance List (Prospective Members)
Gavenraj Sodhi      Access360
Tim Winston         Aventail
Ken Yagen           Crosslogix
Ed Simon       Entrust
Gilbert Pilz        Jamcracker
Evan Prodromou Outlook
Ron Monzillo        Sun
Ron Williams        Tivoli
Alan Byrne          Vordel
Shawn     Campbell  Windermere Group
Eve Maler                                          +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center    eve.maler @ east.sun.com

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