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Subject: SAML FTF draft #3 contribution deadline


The silence in my email is deafening -- to date as far as I'm aware I've
received zero (0) documents for inclusion
in the FTF 3 draft.

Although normally I would enjoy the thought of everyone squirming in
discomfort over being late, I myself am currently
so far behind on everything I'm involved with that I feel some empathy.
I'm therefore going to admit that I wasn't really
planning on starting to stitch the draft together until Monday morning (the
18th).  So if y'all want to take the weekend to
finish putting text together, as long as I have your contributions by about
9am central time on the 18th, you'll only owe me
one free beer each.

PS please DON'T FORGET to identify your FTF draft contributions in the
header of your emails, so I'll know what to put into the document.



Bob Blakley (blakley@tivoli.com, regardless of what the email headers may
Chief Scientist
Enterprise Solutions Unit
Tivoli Systems, Inc. (an IBM Company)

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