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security-services message

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Subject: w.r.t. Security Service F2F #3

Folks, we still have 24 people who have not responded "yes" or "no" to the
evite for the face-to-face meeting #3. (otherwise, we have 26 "yes" and 8 "no")

Please, please, please get your responses in so Eve & the Sun folks can have a
relatively accurate headcount. I presume that local folks should respond and
include any folks they think they might drag along, because (at least) the Sun
folks are having breakfast and lunch catered. 

The other aspect of all this is determining whether we have a quorum. Having a
quorum means we can make binding decisions. Not having one means we're having a
face-to-face "focus et al meeting". If we want to make decisions about things
like our timeframe specified in the charter, I assume we NEED A QUORUM. So, get
those cards'n'letters in. 



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