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Subject: wrt F2F #3: Newark details (and another hotel)

I sorta know Newark (CA) having lived there for a number of years (tho we now
reside on the Peninsula). 

So here's some quick additional tidbits..

There's another good hotel in Newark -- the Newark/Fremont Hilton...

  Hilton Newark/Fremont 
  39900 Balentine Drive, Newark, CA 94560-0564
  Tel: 1-510-490-8390 Fax: 1-510-651-7828 


The Hilton's located on the south end of Newark, I'd say maybe 15 min from the
Sun Newark campus by surface streets (no overcrowded freeways required). If
folks can, I'd suggest staying at the "W" as it is "right across the street"
from the Sun Newark campus. If anyone ends up staying at the Newark Hilton - let
me know and I can give the surface-street directions to the Sun Newark campus.

For folks staying at peninsula hotels (in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, etc.), it'll
take anywhere from 20..30 min to get to the Sun Newark campus (depending upon
traffic). The saving grace is that it is largely "against commute direction" in
the moring to be heading from the Peninsula over to Newark via the Dumbarton
Bridge. The opposite flow holds true in the evening, so getting from Sun Newark
back to the Peninsula is relatively painless (as long as you then avoid using
Hwy 101 to go very far north or south from the PaloAlto/MenloPark area). 

Link showing Newark, Hwy 84, Thorton Ave, I-880 [zoom out one level to see
relation of Newark, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, et al]...


Link showing detail of streets where Sun Newark campus is located...


Generic directions to Sun Newark Campus from Peninsula locations...

Take University Avenue in Palo Alto east bound (towards the Bay), across 101,
and continue through East Palo Alto all the way until it T-bones into 84 at a
stoplight and you can turn only left or right. You will be able to see the
Dumbarton Bridge off to your right. Turn right. [1] Go across the bay on the
Dumbarton/84 until the first exit after the toll plaza (which will be on your
left as you pass it) which is Thorton Ave. At the end of the exit ramp, turn
right onto Thorton (southbound). Follow to the first light (several hundred
yards/meters) which is [2] Gateway Blvd, turn left (you can't turn right).
Follow to the next light (the W hotel is on your right on this stretch, fyi).
Now, I seem to recall the Sun campus signs indicate that NWK17 is straight ahead
from this light. The other option is to turn left. If you turn right, you head
into Newark proper. 

Another option for reaching the Dumbarton is using Willow Ave in Menlo Park
(just north of Palo Alto). Take Willow across 101 and follow all the way until
it T-bones into the Sun Menlo Park Campus at a stoplight. At that light, turn
right rather than enter the Sun campus. Now follow until the next stoplight
(which is University Ave (see above directions)) -- go straight thru and across
the Dumbarton/84 and follow the directions above beginning at [1] above.  

Generic directions from East Bay locations to the Sun Newark Campus...

Take your favorite path to the intersection of I-880 (main north-south east bay
freeway) and Decoto Road aka Hwy 84. Take Decoto/84 westbound to the Thorton Ave
exit. Take the exit and at the end of the exit ramp, turn left onto Thorton Ave
southbound. Follow Thorton across 84 and to Gateway Blvd and follow directions
at [2] above. 

As a final note, Eve & I are checking into setting up a group dinner for the Mon
evening of the F2f. More news to come shortly about that. 



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