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Subject: conformance program spec

Title: conformance program spec

hi -

i've attached an updated version of the conformance program spec, as input to our meeting at 2 EST today, particularly in terms of specifying test cases (section 4.2.1).

talk to you soon!



hi -
i'd like to have a meeting of the conformance subgroup this week, both to take a look at the new test case / proces stuff i'll be sending around, and also to see what we need to do in prep for the next F2F. I've reserved 6 lines for Friday, 17-Aug, 2-3 pm EDT.

Call-in number: 613-688-3270
passcode 4167# (include the pound-sign at the end).

Please let me know if you're planning to join the call, so that i make sure we have enough lines?



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