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Subject: Some of my workitems from FTF #4


The attached Powerpoint presentation includes:

(1) My analysis of the Bindings 0.5 proposed subject confirmation methods,

(2) My diagrammatic presentation of the trust models behind the various
existing and proposed subject confirmation methods.

(3) My workitem (with Hal) on the semantics of SAML subject designation and
subject confirmation items.

(4) My workitem to provide text on Relying Party receipt of "currently


(See attached file: SAML FTF 4 -- BB Workitems.ppt)


Bob Blakley (email: blakley@us.tivoli.com   phone: +1 512 436 1564)
Chief Scientist, Security and Privacy, Tivoli Systems, Inc.

SAML FTF 4 -- BB Workitems.ppt

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