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security-services message

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Subject: RE: Minutes of Focus subgroup 25-Sep-2001 concall

My apologies for missing the call. For some
strange reason I was without telephone service
for a few hours. Brief comments on my action
items which are closed (I realize many arent!)

>>> ------
>>> ACTION: Prateek: Lookup by artifact: Agreed that he should submit a
>>> detailed proposal to the Core outlining specific changes to specific
>>> sections. Includes new request-response protocol not 
>>currently defined in
>>> HTTP binding.
>>> [from 18-Sep call: In part addressed in core-16. status by 9/20?]
>>Tim notes that he took an action to start a thread to pull 
>>together the various
>>threads touching upon this topic. Tim sent msg to bindings 
>>list addressing this
>>Hoping to tie this up by next bindings concall. will discuss 
>>on that call and
>>report back to the SSTC (by SSTC/Focus concall of 2-Oct?)
>>in progress. 

This issue has been addressed by core-16. core-16
supports lookup by artifact (singular). What is needed is 
lookup by artifacts (plural). Phil is aware of this ommission. 
In this sense the narrower issue has been closed.

Tim, Simon and others (Marlena?) have described a broader but
closely related issue which is under discussion in bindings. 

>>> ------
>>> ACTION: Prateek]: This is an editorial issue about the 
>>names of profiles.
>>> Prateek to revise current document.
>>> [from 18-Sep call: single sign on terminology to be 
>>included in next version.
>>> Status?]
>>pass. in progress. 

This is closed and can be removed. This is an instruction to
me to include the words "Single Sign-On" as in "Web Browser
Profile for Single Sign-On". I plan to do so in the next
revision of the bindings document (-06).

- prateek

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