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Subject: wrt the putative core-16 and the real schema-*-16

Just to clarify things since we have a bit of confusion surrounding these

  "core-16" is an abbreviation for "draft-sstc-core-16" which is the prose
assertion and protocol specification, of which the -16 version *does not exist*
(except perhaps on Phill's own disk).

We've recently (in the last week or two) been using "core-16" to actually refer
to the schema .xsd files of revision -16. Again, there is no published core-16

  "schema-*-16" is a shorthand refering to the actual schema files..


  ..which *do* presently exist, and are now available here..


I was waiting for an actual core-16 doc before publishing it and the schema-*-16
files in the doc repository. Apologies for the confusion. 

So, Phill has an action to issue a revised/synchronized core-xx & schema-*-xx at
the end of this week which we'll put in the repository, and hopefully all get
back on the same page. 



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