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Subject: RE: [security-services] [XML Signature]SAML profile of XML Signat ure

A few comments on Krishna's draft 0.002, sent out on Oct. 24/2001

In another message, I point out that the discussion of SAML messages
inheriting signatures (or other forms of authentication) from context
probably belongs in the Core. Aside from that, I have a specific comment
about lines 177-183 (Section 4.1).

I think we need to be more specific about how the signature applies to the
SAML data. I'd like to see the text specify one of:

The signature MUST cover all elements of the SAML data (rather than just the
mandatory elements).


The RP MUST only rely on the portions of the SAML data that are covered by
the signature.

I prefer the first alternative, but can live with the second.

Line 208-211: I'd prefer the Canonical XML _without_ comments.

Lines 226-227: (if the multiple-statement assertion format survives in Core)
No relationship is implied between the statements in a multiple statement
assertion. The semantic meaning is the same as if a separate assertion is
issued for each statement, and each assertion is signed using the same
method and key.

Lines 229-232: Similar wording change. Also, in line 232, s/sane/same/

 - irving - 

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