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Subject: RE: [security-services] FW: [security-bindings] Can a single URLcontain handles with mor e than one PartnerID?

I am comfortable with this proposed change.
In the web browser profile, we havent discussed
flows which might exploit the "generality" of
artifacts from multiple sources. 

Artifacts themselves
are fairly self-contained: you examine the sourceId
and figure out the partner URL and go from there. 
In this sense, there is no real downside to allowing
artifacts from multiple partners on the same URL line.

I guess I dont have a strong opinion here. At this
stage of the game tightening things up seems the
correct thing to do.

- prateek
>>In Prateek's bindings-06 document
>>), on lines 518-519, when a user is transferred, more than one SAML
>>could be passed on the URL.
>>The first question this raises is: can the artifacts contain more than
>>PartnerID? In the paragraph at lines 536-541, the description implies
>>all the assertions are pulled at once. This won't work if the 
>>different PartnerIDs, and the partners have different access URLs.
>>I'd like to propose an addition to the paragraph at 518-519, 
>>adding the
>>When more than one artifact is carried on the URL query 
>>string, all the
>>artifacts MUST have the same PartnerID.
>> - irving - 
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