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Subject: RE: [security-services] Action A9: Error handling for SOAP profil e


When you say

>>If the receiving party understands the SAML assertion in the 
>>SOAP header,
>>but considers the assertion invalid, the receiving party 
>>SHOULD return a
>>SOAP message with a <Fault> element as the message body. 

What about the case where the SAML assertion is malformed or
the receiving party cannot find extension schema etc. etc. It seems
to me these are all reasonable grounds for returning a SAML error.

Basically, we are saying that we are providing an error for the
case where the recipient has a problem in dealing with
the assertion.

- prateek

>>Reasons why the
>>receiver may consider the assertion invalid include, but are 
>>not limited to:
>>*	The assertion contains a <Condition> element that the 
>>receiver does
>>not understand.
>>*	The signature on the assertion is invalid.
>>*	The receiver does not accept assertions from the issuer of the
>>assertion in question.
>>The returned <Fault> element takes the form:
>>     <Faultcode>Client.SAML</Faultcode>
>>     <Faultstring>...</Faultstring>
>>It is recommended that the <Faultstring> element contain an 
>>message. This specification does not specify any normative 
>>text. Sending
>>parties MUST NOT rely on specific contents in the 
>><Faultstring> element.
>> - irving -
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>>there are any problems please notify the originator immediately.  The 
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>>message is 
>>strictly forbidden. Baltimore Technologies plc will not be 
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>>special, indirect or consequential damages arising from 
>>alteration of the 
>>contents of this message by a third party or as a result of 
>>any virus being 
>>passed on.
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>>e-Security or 
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>>Baltimore MIMEsweeper for Content Security threats, including
>>computer viruses.
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