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Subject: RE: [security-services] Action Item A23

> From: Eve L. Maler [mailto:eve.maler@sun.com]
> At 04:55 PM 12/5/01 -0400, Chris McLaren wrote:
> >However, I'm not 100% clear on why the <Assertion> element, as it exists
> >before anything I am proposing, is in the schema today. The best answer I
> >could come up with was that it is a generic extension hook created to
> >you to specify the inclusion of something that has an assertion header,
> >not necessarily statements... Hence the proposal to call it abstractX. If
> >there is another reason for the current <Assertion> element existing it
> >might suggest a better candidate for a new name.
> This is my question, I guess: What's the rationale for 
> AbstractAssertion 
> (your name) to exist?  Since SAML statements that go inside assertion 
> wrappers can be extended in every way, shape, and form (and 
> don't even have 
> to contain subject information), I don't see how the additional 
> extensibility of offering a generic AbstractAssertion does us 
> any good.
> If whoever championed this (Phill?) can just articulate a 
> rationale for its 
> existence that's consonant with what we're trying to do, then 
> I'll shut up...

I wasn't the champion of this, but...

My understanding was that the abstract <Assertion> element in core-19
existed so that it could be specialized to <SingleAssertion> and
<MultipleAssertion>. Now that we no longer have the distinction, I believe
we no longer need the <AbstractAssertion> element. I suggest we fold its
contents into Chris' new <Assertion> element and remove <AbstractAssertion>.

 - irving -

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