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Subject: RE: [security-services] "AuthorizationQuery" and"AuthorizationSt atement" are *still* misleading names

Title: RE: [security-services] "AuthorizationQuery" and "AuthorizationStatement" are *still* misleading names

Hi Bob,

Speaking from an XACML point of view, I fully agree with your concern here and support your proposal to rename these elements.

By the way, I must have been asleep for a while or something, but what is this reference to "our three assertions (now statements, of course)"?  Is this specification not still called the Security Assertion Markup Language?  How can we put out a SAML spec that has no assertions in it (just "statements")?  Furthermore, the word "assertion" semantically carries much more weight, authority, and commitment than the word "statement" (at least in common usage), which I think is what we're trying to achieve, since these are issued by Authorities.  Has this decision to call them "statements" already been made by the TC, or is this still under discussion?


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