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Subject: Re: [security-services] Glossary -- stylized draft-sstc-glossary-02.doc

The stylized-by-Eve draft-sstc-glossary-02.doc apparently fell thru the cracks
and hasn't yet made it out to the list. Here it is. Marc's comments in his msg
that this msg references..


..more understandable. ;-)

apologies for the slip-up,


"Chanliau, Marc" wrote:
> I reviewed the latest update to the Glossary that Eve provided a few weeks
> ago.
> Here are my comments / suggestions:
> (1) Remove the terms related to (shared) sessioning (since it's not going to
> be in SAML 1.0). Those include (in my view):
> - Keep-alive
> - Rich session
> - Time-in
> - Time-out
> (2) Resource definition
> Only keep (a) and (b), and relate to URI.
> (3) Take out line 41 in Section 2 (Notation)
> Marc Chanliau


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