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security-services message

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Subject: [security-services] carry over issue list for today's teleconference

4 -- Review status of action items - and move to resolution

[A3: Phill] - Section 3.1.5, need to further define error cases

- Joe would like comments on the alternatives between the proposals on
  the list
- If no comments, power left to Phill and Eve to choose during editing
- Status: we have proposal on table, open to comments, no consensus

[A5: BobB] - Section 4.1.3 472-473, text to clarify construction of
ID (w.r.t. uniqueness)

- Joe has not contacted Bob yet
- stays open

[A15: Chris] - Write up advice on how to use current approach to
generic slots for attributes

- Just waiting on integration into doc
- Chris not sure if Eve has included yet or not
- Joe to Chris: please sent note to list when you see it in draft

[A20: Prateek and Phil] - Need for additional ConfirmationMethod identifiers
(Prateek and Phil)

- Scott: was there a previous issue from Eve over the use of URIs
  versus strings?
- Need to ask Eve
- Joe: We will re-confirm this in Jan

> [A22: Irving] - core line 752, return code for completeness specifier:

- Joe: directs Phill (and Eve) to go ahead and integrate this change
- verify statys

> [A24: Phill] - Bring together Tim's etc. text for the Authentication
> mechanism section.

- Still open, for tracking

> [A26: Phill] - text on the <RespondWith> option voted for at F2F#5

- Phill has updated the schema for this
- Believes he updated core
- Stays open

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