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Subject: RE: [security-services] Core 24

> 	I have had to process the proposed schema changes 
> slightly to make sure that we maintain a consistent approach 
> to use of schema as previously agreed. I have made no 
> structural changes however with the exception of removing the 
> recursive substatus codes which I suspect was a coding error 
> in any case.

Sorry I didn't respond in time, that was quite intentional. Your choices
are either a flat array of codes, or a nested hierarchy, and I proposed
both options without any feedback.

As Rich said, they discussed it at length in XMLP, and chose the nested
approach, so I copied it for my proposal.

I personally don't care too much either way, slightly favoring nesting,
but in the interest of remaining aligned with the source of the
proposal, I'd stick with the nesting/recursion.

-- Scott

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