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Subject: [security-services] 2 questions on AuthenticationQuery

Pardon the newbie questions, but I just wanted to make sure there's not a mistake in the spec. Note that I haven't gotten through all of the docs yet, so these might be covered elsewhere.  I apologize in advance if that's the case.


In section 3.3.3 (line 976) of draft-sstc-core-25, an AuthenticationQuery element is defined to contain either 0 or 1 saml:ConfirmationMethod elements (since no maxOccurs is specified). 


Q1: The section describes what the response must be if a ConfirmationMethod is specified in the request.  But it doesn't describe what happens if it is not specified.  I concluded that the response MUST contain all authentication assertions for the subject.  Is this correct? Whether or not it's correct, it would help to describe this case in the section as well.


Q2: What was the rationale for limiting AuthenticationQuery's to just one ConfirmationMethod?  The semantics of a request with multiple methods could be to return just those assertions that match any of the methods, but there wouldn't have to be a match for all of the requested methods for success.  Thus, a requester could use this as a filter to limit the assertions that get returned to those that the requester wants to support.  With the current definition, I could obviously do this by making separate AuthenticationQuery requests, but that seems inefficient.




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