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Subject: [security-services] Dealing with Issues for the Tuesday 22 Jantele-conference

Jeff and I would like to make sure we are making good progress on issues
this week. We only have this call and the one next week before we are
scheduled to take our documents into last-call - a state that we have
asserted we'll only enter if all issues are closed (or deferred).

To this end, please play close attention to the tentative resolution state
that Hal is assigning to each issue. We plan to close all issues that Hal
proposes should be closed - so if there is an item that you feel needs
attention, be prepared to discuss it on the list and on the phone this
Tuesday. In addition, if there are any other issues that you see that will
require changes to the document set, please get them aired this week.

Joe Pato                                HP Labs Cambridge
Principal Scientist                     1 Main Street, 10th Floor
Trust, Security & Privacy               Cambridge, MA   02142
Trusted E-Services Lab - HP Labs        Phone: (617) 679-9376
<http://www.hpl.hp.com>                 Fax 1: (617) 679-9330
<http://www.hp.com/security>            Fax 2: (781) 674-0142 

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