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Subject: [security-services] Comparison rules for SAML elements(ISSUE:[DS-14-11: CompareEleme nts])

Stephen Farrell pointed out in his message
that we don't have any text in the current draft describing how to compare
values in SAML data structures.

I suggest that we add a subsection near the end of Section 1. If there's a
more "standards-language" way of referring to the W3C specifications, the
editors can feel free to make the required changes.

Comparing SAML values

Unless otherwise noted, all elements in SAML documents that have the XML
Schema "string" type, or a type derived from that, MUST be compared using an
exact binary comparison. In particular, SAML implementations and deployments
MUST NOT depend on case-insensitive string comparisons, normalization or
trimming of white space, or conversion of locale-specific formats such as
numbers or currency. This requirement is intended to conform to the W3C
Requirements for String Identity, Matching, and String Indexing

[I would put a section specifically calling out comparison of dateTime
elements here, but we need to finish arguing about it first]

If an implementation is comparing values that are represented using
different character encodings, the implementation MUST use a comparison
method that returns the same result as converting both values to the Unicode
character encoding (http://www.unicode.org), Normalization Form C (as
described in http://www.unicode.org/unicode/reports/tr15/tr15-21.html) and
then performing an exact binary comparison. This requirement is intended to
conform to the W3C Character Model for the World Wide Web
(http://www.w3.org/TR/charmod/), and in particular the rules for
Unicode-normalized Text

 - irving - 

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