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Subject: RE: [security-services] revised conformance spec

> From: Robert Griffin [mailto:Robert.Griffin@entrust.com]

> i've attached a revised conformance spec, containing a new section
> 2.5 that stipulates that for any element in the schema that specifies
> an "unbounded" max value (included in table in conform spec), any
> conforming application or implementation must support a max value
> of at least 1000 (pretty arbitrary value, i know...).

>i didn't modify test cases; i think the stipulation is reasonably
> covered by the pass/fail criteria in the current test case
> descriptions, which call out support for all required elements of
> assertions, requests and responses.


In cases where we have nested unbounded elements, are we talking about 1000
total, or 1000 for each nested element? The multipliers could get large -
1000 attribute values in each of 1000 attributes in each of 1000 statements
in each of 1000 assertions in a samlp:Response...

I can't think of good wording of the top of my head, but I'd like to see
something like:

In cases where repeated elements are nested within other repeated elements,
implementations must be capable of processing documents where the total
number of elements within the entire document does not exceed the minimum.

Also, there are some corrections to the table at line 213: you are missing
multiple Statements in an Assertion, and there are no longer multiple
Subjects in a SubjectStatement.

 - irving -

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