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Subject: [security-services] Status of and recommendation on SAML version info

Currently we have an in-band mechanism for identifying the version of a 
chunk of SAML information (the MajorVersion and MinorVersion attributes on 
several elements).  We agreed on this at the Waltham F2F.

We were a little bit fuzzier about what we should do with our namespace 
URI.  Currently, our placeholder namespace URIs are just the schema 
filename, with internal version information (e.g., "-25") in it.

I had been advocating that the namespace URI (a) not be a "real" web 
resource/filename, and (b) not contain version information.  However, 
common practice has overtaken me on both counts:

- Regarding real filenames: Schema tools are happiest when they can use the 
namespace name as the filename for accessing the schema.  This isn't 
supposed to be required behavior, but it might as well be given the state 
of the tools.

- Regarding versioning in namespace names: In some forums (for example, the 
UBL TC), it's considered a reasonable option to have version information 
easily accessible both to processors that handle the message and to the 
software that maps the namespace URI to validation and handling 
software.  This would mean including version information in both the 
*Version attributes and the namespace URI.

Thus, using these two rationales, I propose that we use something like the 
following as namespace URIs for our two namespaces:


(Tools should generally use caching and/or catalogs as a means of not 
having to retrieve the schema files every time they're referenced.)

Eve Maler                                    +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center   eve.maler @ sun.com

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