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Subject: Re: [security-services] comments on draft-sstc-core-31&draft-sstc-bindings-model-14 (from bhavna.bhatnagar@Sun.COM)

Thanks for your feedback Bhavna.

> some minor comments:
> draft-sstc-core-31:
>  line 319 - need a space in  between "statementsmerely".
> line 369 and other places : I see "??" in lots of places, intentional or 
> just something I am seeing.

That's a word/acobat/pdf bug that hopefully Phill will figure out how to work

> line 441: should be Element <AssertionIDReference>
> line 442: replace <AssertionID> with <AssertionIDReference>.

agreed. addtionally, the same change is also needed in line 444.

> draft-sstc-bindings-model-14
> line 464: probably need to replace "assertion consumer" by "artifact receiver".

I don't agree, becase line 464 is talking about "assertion consumer service"
rather than the "artifact receiver URL".

> line 468: same change as on 464

Yes, it looks to me like "assertion consumer" should be "artifact receiver" on
this line.

> line 620: replace <AuthenticationLocality> with <SubjectLocality>

agreed. The same change is addtionally required on line 821.


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