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Subject: RE: [security-services] FW: SOAP Confidentiality and Integrity: N extStep?

 I don't quite see how they expect to enforce this on others, but if it is true that MS, IBM, VeriSign and Sun have taken this pledge (and I am confident HP is on board as well) then it is hard to imagine some other company with a blocking patent taking a hard line. This could have a significant impact on the Rights Language TC and XACML. 
This was actually the main complaint Microsoft voiced (in public at the AC meeting a while back) against the W3C patent policy, the naked RF stance taken there would prevent the use of a patent to insist on reciprocal rights. What people really want is RF from the submitters and RF from as many other parties as they can.
Of course it is always possible for a patent troll to pop up, particularly a lone 'inventor' who has no employer with a stake in the success of the specification or a company whose only asset is some bogus IP. It is quite easy for such a person to obtain a patent through perjury, given the incompetence of the USPTO and the lack of public review. There are several examples of people taking IETF RFCs and filling a patent on the specification long after publication (this happened with PEM).
I can't say that the IP situation will ever be perfect, but I think the reciprocal license requirements come as close as we can.

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