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Subject: [security-services] Nominations for SSTC co-chair positions are nowopen

Nominations for SSTC co-chair positions are now open (the present co-chairs are
stepping down). As reflected in the minutes of the 12-Nov-2002 SSTC concall
meeting minutes..


..nominations will be accepted on the security-services mailing list until Fri
22-Nov-2002. Nominees need to acknowledge and accept the nomination on the list
(eg indicate that they are indeed willing and able to serve in the position). 

The election vote will be held as the first item of business during the next
SSTC concall meeting on Tue 25-Nov-2002. 

Two people were nominated during the 12-Nov SSTC concall meeting (please refer
to the minutes pointed to above)..

  Prateek Mishra (nominated by Carlisle Adams)

  Rob Philpott (nominated by RL "Bob" Morgan)

..and both indicated they accepted the nominations. 

Additional nominations are welcome.


JeffH & Joe
stepping down announcement..


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