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Subject: [security-services] Draft updated charter

Per AI-10, here is a draft of a new SAML TC charter.  I got comments 
from Jeff Hodges and Rob Philpott, and we think it's now ready for a 
wider audience.  All the details that need filling in/discussion have 
[comments] near them.

Eve Maler                                        +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems                            cell +1 781 354 9441
Web Technologies and Standards               eve.maler @ sun.com
Title: [Draft] SSTC/SAML Charter

[Draft] Charter for OASIS Security Services Technical Committee

14 November 2002

Name of Technical Committee

The official name is the Security Services Technical Committee (SSTC). It is sometimes unofficially referred to as the "SAML TC" or "SSTC/SAML".

Purpose of Technical Committee

The purpose of the TC is to define, enhance, and maintain a standard XML-based framework for creating and exchanging authentication, attribute, and authorization information.


The TC held its initial meeting by telephone on 9 January 2001. On 31 May 2002 it delivered a suite of SAML V1.0 Committee Specifications to the OASIS membership for review. On 5 November 2002 the SAML V1.0 specification set was approved as an OASIS Standard.

The TC plans to complete the following tasks:

  • By [date?]: SAML V1.1 Committee Specifications. Items considered for SAML V1.1 may include backwards-compatible bug fixes, as well as high-priority new functionality that is backwards-compatible with or orthogonal to the existing design.

  • By [date?]: SAML V2.0 Committee Specifications. Items considered for SAML V2.0 may include functionality that satisfies major requirements deferred from SAML V1.0, as well as new functionality and functionality derived from convergence with other standards efforts. These changes and additions are not required to be backwards-compatible with either V1.0 or V1.1.

Auxiliary documents and additional specification set versions may also be produced at the Committee's discretion. The TC's intent is to pursue OASIS Standard status for all Committee Specifications produced by the TC.


All TC business is conducted in English.

Meeting Schedule

Teleconferences are held every other Tuesday from noon to 2pm Eastern Time. Exceptions to this schedule are posted on the TC home page.

Agendas and contact information for the teleconferences are provided on the security-services mailing list (archive) in advance of each meeting.

The TC currently has no scheduled face-to-face meetings.


A current list of the TC membership is kept here.



Names of Meeting Sponsors

Sun Microsystems, Inc. will sponsor the teleconferences throughout 2003.

Policies and Procedures

The TC will follow the OASIS TC process and the following additional rules:
  1. Any OASIS member may join the security-services mailing list. (Mailing list membership is not limited to voting and prospective committee members.)

  2. The chair may initiate email ballots. [needs approval]

  3. Under no circumstances shall the TC accept, during any phase, contributions that are not granted under perpetual, royalty-free, non-discriminatory terms. [needs discussion/approval]

  4. In no event shall the TC finalize or approve any technical specification if it believes that the use, distribution, or implementation of such specification would necessarily require the unauthorized infringement of any third party rights known to the TC, and such third party has not agreed to provide necessary license rights on perpetual, royalty-free, non-discriminatory terms. [needs discussion/approval]

  5. [Are there any standing rules that have already been approved by the TC but that aren't listed here?]

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