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Subject: [security-services] The PC Magazine Technical Excellence award goes to....

Hi all,

	We did it, we did it, we did it ...

	PC Magazine chose SAML, WS-Security and OASIS for the Technical
Excellence award in the protocols category.

	It was a privilege for me to accept the award on all your

	My acceptance speech "I am standing on the shoulders of giants !
On behalf of the giants in SAML TC and OASIS I thank you for the
nomination and the award. To be nominated itself is an honor, to receive
the award is just great ..."

	Folks, this really is a great recognition for us all - Jabber
and the ATA bus were the two other nominees.


Apology to WSS:
	Carol had sent e-mails to the WS-Security chairs to see if
anybody would be representing them and didn't get any reply. So I
assumed somebody from WSS TC would be there. I also checked the roaster
with the organizers at the door and it had Chris & Kelvin listed. 

	Unfortunately I did not have the *presence* of mind to improvise
and include the WS-Security in my speech when I didn't see anybody else
on the stage. My mistake and apologies. Please pardon me. How can I make
it up to you folks ?


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