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Subject: RE: [security-services] Minutes for Telecon, Tuesday 4 February 2 002

> >>   AI-15. Editor (Eve) to update documents with Eve's fragment ID
> >>          recommendations
> >>
> > - Prateek: is this not [A-6]?
> > - Rob: thinks we just need Eve on call to close this
> > - Jeff: thinks this is the step of incorporating the proposal into the
> >   docs
> > - still open
> That's correct, it's still open.  I'm sorry about this.  On the last
> call that I took part in, Rob mentioned he could help with some
> editorial tasks, and I thought I sent him mail asking if he's interested
> in taking this on.  But I just heard today from hal that Rob has had
> some email problems, and I can't find my copy anyway, so maybe it wasn't
> seen/sent.  So, Rob...are you interested? :-)

yes - I got that mail... It's just buried in my backlog at the moment. Right
after I volunteered, some things came up at the office and I got swamped.
I'm just starting to dig out and could probably do some editing in a couple
of weeks.  I know I can't get to it prior to the next meeting.

> >>   AI-20. Eve to update specs to 1.0
> >>
> > - still open
> Here's the status on this.  I asked, in the last call I took part in, if
> I should update the specs before vs. after the OASIS staff gets the
> unique numbering system for specs in place.  (It would be like the IETF
> RFC numbering.)  I was told to wait until they do that.  But that
> depends, somewhat, on my finishing the filenaming proposal that the TC
> chairs have been working on, and convincing Karl that it's baked enough
> for him to go ahead and do the assignments of all the numbers.
> I've finished the filenaming proposal, finally, and just need to format
> it and send it out.  I will be able to do that in the next day.  But
> then Karl still needs to assign the numbers, and that's an external
> variable.
> If you want me to update the specs prior to all that, let me know...

My only concern is whether Karl will be swamped with Kavi migration to do
the assignments.  But this isn't really critical, really, and feel we can
> >
> >>   AI-33. Eve to update the charter based on discussion
> >>
> > - still open
> Here's the status.  I was supposed to (a) make some editorial changes,
> and also (b) check with some Sun legal people and some LegalXML TC
> people about options for and meanings of various IPR formulations.  I
> wrote to the LegalXML people, but still need to check around with Sun
> lawyers and think about what I've been told.  I can make the editorial
> changes, prior to coming up with an IPR recommendation; I will do that
> (and hopefully both) by early next week.

Sounds good.  Obviously, we do need to try and close on this as soon as we
can since, technically, the TC is currently running without a valid charter.

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