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security-services message

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Subject: [security-services] Agenda for SSTC Conference Call, Februray 18, 2003

12 noon, US Eastern Time Zone

Call-in Numbers: 

+1 334 262 0740 

code: 856956

Courtesy: SUN microsystems

1. Any New Agenda Items
2. Approval of minutes from February 4 conference call

3. Open actions

  - AI-6.  Jeff to determine if conformance language around the
      notions of profiles vs. extensions is really an issue
  - AI-15. Editor (Eve) to update documents with Eve's fragment ID
  - AI-18. Irving to consult w/ Merlin Hughes on current XMLDSig
  - AI-20. Eve to update specs to 1.0
  - AI-28. RobP to have RSAS convey a new "statement of licensing 
      intent" to the SSTC that documents the additional two
      claimed applicable patents in addition to the prior two.

      Complete. Details at:


  - AI-31. Jeff to send email to list on his interpretation of IPR
      issues surrounding using Liberty material

  - AI-32. Rob will draft a usecase for an Attribute Authority, to
      be examined by the TC for profiling

  - AI-33. Eve to update the charter based on discussion

    Complete. Details at:

  - AI-35. Rob to propose changes to the current spec regarding 
  - AI-36. Prateek to draft the 1.1 doc set list  
  - AI-37. Scott to email list with intent and proposal to modify
      core around signature recommendations
  - AI-38. Jahan, Scott & Prateek to draft changes to profiles for new
      destination site first flows
  - AI-39. Prateek to propose WSDL along with metadata

           Jeff has re-posted Irving's WSDL example
  - AI-40. Jeff to find 2.0 work items list

  - AI-41. Jahan to publish updated errata-list for review and comment by

  - AI-42.  Carlisle to investigate SAML errors specification and impact on

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