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Subject: [security-services] A possibly contentious submission

Well, I promised to start an argument, so here goes. I've been going around on a lot this stuff with various people in the Liberty
Alliance, so I'm fairly certain I'm in a small minority, but FWIW.

The last section sums up my viewpoint on what's wrong with the versioning approaches that I think are typical right now, and lays
out my particular thinking. The disconnect at least helps me understand why I'm confused, so even if you all throw this out in
disgust, it wasn't wasted (or even a lot of) effort on my part.

The gist is that I think we're headed down the wrong road if we change namespaces every time we release a spec, and I can't really
tell if that's what people think we should do or not.

WRT the XML signature issues, the irony is that I believe we can't make the changes we need to make to add ID attributes and still
call this a minor revision, unfortunately. Perhaps the upside is that if what people think is minor is way beyond my definition, we
probably can.

-- Scott


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